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EPRA REITs leaflet 2023


02 Mar 2023 13:30

Event Description

Listed Real Estate Investment Trusts (“REITs”)  are companies that own, operate, develop and  manage real estate assets for obtaining returns  from rental income and capital appreciation.  They help communities grow, thrive, and  revitalise and provide an investment opportunity  that makes it possible for everyday citizens as  well as large institutional investors to benefit  from valuable real estate, dividend-based  income and total returns. As societies in Europe  are facing challenges to provide for their rapidly  greying populations, REITs play a crucial part  in providing retirement security to millions  of people, by offering long-time investors like  pension funds and insurers stable and highly  competitive assets to invest in. Fourteen  European countries have already recognised  a public benefit to incentivise real estate  investment through public markets and have  introduced REIT legislation in their jurisdiction.  Providing an overarching framework for mutually  recognising REIT legislations across jurisdictions  would bring a significant boost to cross-border  investments in Europe.




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