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18 Jun 2019 20:00


Revenstein, 23
1000  Brussels


Languages & Culture

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A Love Letter to Europe

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Dear Friends,

Across Europe, audiences sit – often in beautiful, national theaters – and experience journalism: reported stories, enhanced with photos, audio samples, video and live music, and assembled into a new form that you could call 'theatrical journalism'. Live Magazine has curated and presented 59 of those journalism shows in 16 cities across Europe, in collaboration with major cultural festivals and news organisations (the Financial TimesLes EchosLe Monde, AFP...). 

This special edition will be a vibrant love letter to Europe, a night of true stories (in English; produced with Bozar Agora). It’s a one-off - Tuesday June 18th at 8 pm, in the Art Nouveau, “violin-shaped”, 2100-seat main hall at the Center for Fine Arts, aka BOZAR. The show is unique, ephemeral (nothing is recorded) and 99% true.
On stage, journalists (a beloved columnist from the Financial Times, an undercover reporter into the European far-right, a tech specialist on quest for her personal data), photographers (a World Press photo laureate, a renowned “grande dame” of documentary photography), artists, a prominent whistleblower and, even, authentic EU bureaucrats will share tales of secrets and lies, of rise and fall, of decisive moments that changed everything, including stories behind the origins of Brexit and the birth of a fundamental EU directive. 
Book your ticket now online or by phone 02 507 82 00 for just 19€. (And come enjoy a beer with the performers after the show).

Do share this invitation and spread the word. We’ve grown a lot since our first edition, but it’s still mostly a word of mouth thing and this is a rare English-language edition.

See you at Bozar (Ravenstein street, 23, 1000 Brussels),