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26 Nov 2015


KU Leuven Campus
Stormstraat 2
1000  Brussels

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L - Conference, forum


Languages & Culture

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The second edition of The Value of Language will be about buying and selling language services: how do you source the best language services and find the most expert language professionals? And most of all: how do you ensure value for money? The event will bring together language service providers, purchasers and consumers to cover all aspects of the trade in language services. The event consists of a conference and a trade fair.
Come to the conference area at The Value of Language to gain first-hand knowledge, insights and knowhow, straight from the experts and experienced purchasers.
Two plenary keynotes, a real masterclass, 16 parallel workshops and presentations, and a panel debate.
We will be announcing everything in detail in the coming days. A sneak preview of the programme:
  • Digital transformation and the strategic importance of language technologies for my business. (Peter Van Den Steene, The Presence Group)
  • Translation Technologies: An Ideal World? (Guillaume Deneufbourg, Creative Words)
  • Limiting risk when purchasing translation services. (Agnès Feltkamp, Missing Link)
  • Crowdfunding in the language industry: has the time come? (Paneldebat o.l.v. Christo Mercelis)
  • Why finding the right translator helps get the best value for money. (Sonja Kitanovska Kimovska)
  • Certificate of Dutch as a Foreign Language (CNaVT): what is it and what is it worth? And how much value does it add to an applicant’s CV? (Sarah Smirnow, KU Leuven)
  • How can I assess the quality of a translation in a language I do not speak? (Gert Van Assche, Datamundi)
  • What level of knowledge and competence can and should we expect from junior translators? (Rita Roggen, Allemania)
  • The anglicisation of higher education in the Netherlands. What is the best approach to translation work?
  • The future of the translation industry. (Koen De Smet, Oneliner)
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