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#EuropeTogether event: Call to Europe Conference - United for a Social Europe


30 Nov 2018


International Cultural Centre Rynek
Główny 25
31-008 Kraków  Poland



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#EuropeTogether event:  Call to Europe Conference - United for a Social Europe.
On Thursday 29 November, we will be holding a “Go Local” event to meet and discuss social Europe issues - please also register should you like to come along and meet us.
Participation in Together / Call to Europe Conference “United for a Social Europe” (Friday 30th Nov) 13.00 – 18.00
Uczestnictwo w konferencji Frakcji “Wspólnie / Call to Europe” pod tytułem “Wspólnie za Europa Socjalna” Piątek (30 listopada) 13.00 – 18.00
On November 30 together with our long-time partners at FEPS (The Foundation for European Progressive Studies) we are taking our debates to Krakow, to talk about the importance of a social Europe, one that builds bridges and offers a viable alternative for the future.
We will be joined by a wide array of specialists and politicians, among which:
Tomas PETRICEK, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Czech Republic
Bartosz RYDLINSKI, Director of Daszynski Center
Beata MOSKAL-SLANIEWSKA, mayor of Swidnica
Anna PACZESNIAK, Professor University of Wroclaw
Andre KROUWEL, professor at Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam
Maria Joao RODRIGUES, S&D Group Vice President and FEPS President
Zita GURMAI, PES Women President
Marek BALT, Member of the Regional Parliament of Silesia
Boguslaw LIBERADZKI, S&D MEP and European Parliament Vice President
Tadeusz IWINSKI, Professor and Member of FEPS scientific Board
Tanja FAJON, S&D Group Vice President and Group Spokesperson
Tuulia PITKANEN, Secretary general of YES


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