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Future Media Lab Annual Conference 2016


26 Jan 2016


The Square

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L - Conference, forum

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NGOs / Think Tanks


Development Policy
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Every year the Future Media Lab. hosts an annual conference in Brussels. The next event will take place on 26 January 2016 in The Square in Brussels.
26 January 2016 in Brussels
Join us for the 6th Future Media Lab. conference: “Technology and Media: Shaping the Future of Audience Engagement” on 26 January 2016 in Brussels.
What is this conference about?
Media content today can be consumed anywhere and anytime. The digital evolution allows readers and users to access professional journalistic content in many different ways and also media brands have a multitude of channels at hand to distribute their content: offline, online, mobile and in social networks. The ability to engage with their audiences has become a key success-factor for media brands. Only when knowing their audiences and serving them according to their specific needs, media brands can stay ahead of innovation and disruption.
This Future Media Lab. conference is therefore looking at “audience engagement” in the light of:
  • technological developments and how they innovate and sometimes even disrupt existing markets for media content and advertising
  • the ability of media companies to embrace big data and data analytics to stay ahead of innovation and disruption
  • changing consumer behaviour when it comes to accessing and consuming media content
  • a policy framework allowing to serve Europe’s citizens with independent, diverse and high-quality journalistic content
  • a regulatory environment appropriate for sustainable business models for media companies in Europe
We therefore invite media professionals, journalists, start-ups, technology experts, academics and politicians to gather for one day for a very timely discussion about how to shape the future of audience engagement best. This conference looks at disruptions and innovations Europe’s media sector is facing and driving in this field and links them back to the relevant policy agenda of the EU, such as the Digital Single Market strategy of the European Commission.
Why should you attend?
Future Media Lab. conferences provide outstanding networking opportunities thanks to the interactive nature of the event format. A unique mix of experts at the interface of media innovation and media policy is awaiting you. The Future Media Lab. conference provides an exceptional opportunity to learn and exchange knowledge. If you want to kick-off debates, get inspired by  new and unexpected insights or simply share your expertise within a growing media and policy expert community, do get your business cards ready and join us for the 6th Future Media Lab. conference on 26 January 2016 in Brussels.


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