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Healthy ageing and probiotics


13 Jul 2021 15:00


Health & Consumers

Event Description

What is the secret of healthy ageing? How can we ensure a long existence, while maintaining a high quality of life and a strong health?

Developing and maintaining a healthy gut microbiota is essential through life, but becomes more challenging with age, with the risk of an impoverished diet due to loss of appetite, health issues and medication. This may contribute to a higher incidence of inflammations and reduced cognitive functions, among other things.

The role of probiotics in maintaining the gut microbiota healthy, and supporting bodily functions such as the intestinal barrier function and the immune function, may therefore contribute to longevity, while maintaining health and quality of life.

The potential of probiotics for cognitive health and improved resistance to disease has been researched, and our specialists will discuss the latest results. 


Share your thoughts, learn more with our experts,
Prof. Patrizia Brigidi and Prof. Claudio Franceschi on:

  • - The role the microbiota plays in keeping the immune defense system active and effective, which is crucial in this current pandemic phase
  • - The secrets of longevity and the positive role that probiotics can play
  • - How probiotics can contribute in maintaining cognitive function as well as health and quality of life 


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