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For a healthy Europe


07 Oct 2020




Health & Consumers

Event Description

Mission Statement
Working together to strengthen security of supply and pan-European pharmaceutical production

Event as part of the associated programme of the German EU Council Presidency 2020 on 7 October 2020

Shortages of supply for medicinal products were already high on the agenda in almost all European countries before the Covid-19 crisis. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, their number has continued to increase – which additionally exacerbates the already tense situation in patient care.

The causes of shortages are manifold. Similarly, the extent to which the individual healthcare systems are affected varies. Different national measures have tried to improve their supply situation – however, this often leads to a deterioration of other countries’ situation and outlook.

The pandemic has highlighted what was already obvious before: shortages require pan-European action!

But which adjustments need to be made? How can pan-European measures improve security of supply for all? And to what extent does strengthening the pharmaceutical production help to reduce the problem of shortages?

The event “For a Healthy Europe” aims to discuss these issues. National best practice models as well as individual experiences will be presented. The conflict between access to and affordability of pharmaceutical supplies will also be addressed. However, the central focus will be on the general conditions and framework needed to strengthen the pharmaceutical production in Europe.

Together for more security of supply and together against the pandemic! In this way a process is to be initiated which enables a coordinated approach across borders and conveys an idea of how an increased European production of active pharmaceutical ingredients can ease the problem of supply shortages.



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