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"Island Transport Connectivity and the Green Transformation of the Shipbuilding Industry"


28 Jun 2012 13:00


European Parliament

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L - Conference, forum


Climate & Environment

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"Island Transport Connectivity and the Green Transformation of the Shipbuilding Industry"
Thursday 28 June, 15:00 - 18:30
European Parliament Brussels
hosted by MEP Nikos Chrysogelos
with the participation of Commissioner Maria Damanaki (DG MARE)
15.00 - 15.10: MEP Nikos Chrysogelos, welcome speech
Session 1 - Island Connectivity
15.10 - 15.25: Jaroslaw Kotowski (TEN-T Executive Agency, European Commission), Opportunities and challenges for the development of Motorways of the Sea projects in South-East Europe.
15.25 - 15.40: Szymon Oscislowski (Marco Polo Programme Manager, European Commission, DG MOVE), Marco Polo grants on short-sea shipping routes.
15.40 - 15.55: Patrick Anvroin (Director, Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions, CPMR), Recommendations for Integrating the EU Islands in the Motorways of the Sea.
15.55 - 16.10: Christian Pleijel (European Small Islands Federation (ESIN), Improvement of public transport services in small and insular islands; prospects and obstacles.
16.10- 16.30: Q&A, discussion
Session 2 - Green Transformation of the Shipbuilding Industry
16.30 - 16.45: Commissioner Maria Damanaki (time of intervention to be confirmed)
16.45 - 17.00: Wolfgang Hehn (DG Enterprise and Industry, European Commission), European Commission initiatives on the greening of the shipbuilding industry and the conversion of shipyards.
17.00 - 17.15: Torsten Klimke (European Commission, DG Move, Maritime Transport Policy), Looking at the demand side: The need for greener ships.
17.15 - 17.30: Reinhard Lüken (Secretary General, SEA Europe, Ships and Maritime Equipment Association), Improvement of technological fields for new products and new services for the shipbuilding sector.
17.30 - 17.45: Francisco del Castillo (Fundación SOERMAR), Eco-Refitec Project
17.45 – 18.00: Nikitas Nikitakos (University of the Aegean), Green offshore structures: giving a viable approach to European shipyards
18.00- 18.10: MEP Nikos Chrysogelos, closing remarks
18.10 -18.30: Q&A, discussion
Simultaneous interpretation: English, French, Spanish, Greek.