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Webinar: Addressing climate change adaptation within or across organizations by using the new standard EN ISO 14090


14 Nov 2019 14:00 to 15:00


Climate & Environment

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The climate is changing and organisations will have to rise to new challenges to ensure business continuity. This webinar will talk about EN ISO 14090, the first European standard on adaptation to the impacts of climate change. Aimed at organisations of all types and sizes, it sets out good practice around:
- identifying impacts
- understanding uncertainties
- identifying relevant actions and developing a plan
- getting the involvement of top management
- understanding capacity to adapt
- implementing an adaptation plan
- monitoring and reporting
EN ISO 14090 can provide assurance that organisations understand their resilience and are taking steps to tackle it.
It offers a planned route to climate change adaptation that is iterative and can be used across sites to provide consistent and replicable activities.
Target audience: This standard is suitable for all organisations across all sectors of all sizes.  It will be of use to those who make decisions on organizations – CEOs, Directors, asset managers – as well as those who will use the standard – adaptation consultants, sustainability/environmental/facilities managers.
The webinar is useful for CEN and CENELEC and all external stakeholders interested in ensuring business continuity as climate changes.


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