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Workshop on economic violence against women and girls: COVID-19 gives us attention


30 Oct 2020 12:00 to 14:00




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This year's Forum will be held completely online between 8th and 28th November. Join us! REGISTER AT

The Covid-19 pandemic challenges humanity: REFOUNDING A EUROPE OF SOLIDARITY!

The European Forum of Left, Green and Progressive forces is a unique political space: an open, plural and participatory dialogue between political parties, trade unions, social movements and community campaigns. The Forum was first held in Marseille in 2017, then in Bilbao in 2018 and in Brussels in 2019. It has become an important space for exchanging ideas and setting strategy among Europe’s progressive political groups. This year’s Forum will be different: it will be held entirely online between the 8th and 28th November. The three-week programme will include seminars, debates and discussions with parliamentarians, ministers, academics, trade unionists and political and social activists.

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Ahead of the official launch on 8th November, we invite you to join the first workshop of the Forum this Friday, 30th October from 12pm to 2pm. All are welcome to participate. 

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Economic violence against women and girls: COVID-19 gives us attention

Speakers include:

Alyssa Ahrabare (European Network of Migrant women)

Elena Blasco (Secretary for equality at Comisiones Obreras)

Laeticia Thissen (Policy Advisor on Gender Equality at the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS))

Maria Grammatikou (Professor, Trade-Unionist)

Marina Monaco (European Trade Union Confederation)

Moderator : Jeanne Ponte (Génération.s)

We look forward to seeing you online!



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