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5G (Industry 4.0): The Linchpin of Future Triangular Trade (EU, China, US)


12 Nov 2019


Room Adenauer, Business Europe
Avenue de Cortenbergh 168
1000  Brussels


Global Europe

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Europe is caught in the maelstrom of rising nationalism and increased EU-US and China-US trade tensions. Yet, globalisation is only accelerating, driven by Industry 4.0 technologies and flows of data and information. The impact of new technologies (AI, RI, 3D printing) has shifted global trade patterns between goods and services. It is estimated that trade in services is growing 60% faster than trade in goods; and sector-wise, IT services, telecom, business services are growing 2-3 times as fast as trade in goods. 5G technology and infrastructure are the booster of the transformation, and the ultimate enabler of the digital economy and augmented trade in services. Against this background, Europe-Asia Interlink brings together a panel of experts and business leaders to shed light on Europe’s 5G challenges and to provide insights and perspectives on the impact of 5G on Future Triangular Trade at bilateral and multilateral levels.
Welcome remarks by Miryung Kim, Executive Director, Europe-Asia Interlink
Panel discussion
Alan Beattie (Chair), Financial Times
Kirsty Macdonald, Vice-President, Intel (tbc)
Helena König, Deputy Director General, DG Trade, European Commission
Simon Lacey, Vice-President, Huawei/China HQ
Joakim Reiter, Vice-President, Vodafone Group
13h00 - 13h30: Registration and lunch
13h30 - 15h30: Seminar discussion and Q&A
Mouna Benbouazza  
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