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"Celebrating a decade of innovation, investment, competition and consumer choice - and a look to the future”


26 Nov 2013 23:00



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The Digital Interoperability Forum (DIF) invites you to "Celebrating a decade of innovation, investment, competition and consumer choice - and a look to the future”: an event that includes a debate followed by a cocktail and ultra high definition TV demos on Wednesday 27 November in the Bibliothèque Solvay in Brussels.
Registration and Ultra High Definition (4k) demos from Sky Deutschland, Pace, and BSkyB
Welcome and opening remarks by Sheila Cassells , Executive Director, DIF
European Pay TV: Where Are You Going, Where Have You been?–presentation by Guy Bisson , Research Director of TV, IHS/Screen Digest
18.25 – 19.00
Roberto Viola (DDG, DG CONNECT) and Tom Mockridge (CEO, Virgin Media) discuss the evolution of regulation and its impact on business with Magnus Franklin , Mlex with audience Q&A
19.00 – 20.30
DIF video celebrating some highlights of the decade, networking reception and Ultra High Definition (4k) demos from Sky Deutschland, Pace and BSkyB

Ultra High Definition Television (UHDTV) is the latest exciting innovation in in - home entertainment and will offer a big change to the viewing experience with more pixels, enhanced colour, greater dynamic range and higher frame rates contributing to a much more immersive feel. Using innovative technology and the new Ultra HD TVs arriving in stores this year Sky Deutschland, Pace and BSkyB unveil what is in store for TV, games, and blu - ray.

Join us on the evening of 27th November
(from 17.30 CET to 20.30) for an opportunity to understand the contribution of pay TV to the growth in consumer choice and how businesses see regulation.
Bibliothèque Solvay|Rue Belliard 137|1040 Brussels
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