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EU Contract Law: Increasing Trust for Consumers and Creating Business-Friendly Environment for Traders


07 Mar 2016 to 08 Mar 2016

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S - Workshop, course


Science & Policymaking
Trade & Society

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This annual conference is intended for legal professionals within the public and private sectors, judicial professionals, law enforcement officers, national civil servants and persons working on European Union law issues, academics, and others who are active or interested in EU contract law issues in general, and in the main rulings delivered by the European Courts in particular.

All economic transactions are based on contracts. This is why the differences in the contracts rules on how a contract is concluded or terminated, or on how the delivery of a faulty product has to be remedied, are felt in the daily life of both traders and consumers. For traders, these differences generate additional complexity and costs, notably when they want to export their products and services to several EU Member States. For consumers, these differences make it more difficult to shop in countries other than their own, in particular when shopping online.

European Contract Law is one of the Europe 2020 strategic priorities, tying with the completion of the single market in Europe. A proposal on the new legal instrument is planned to be adopted. This EU-wide optional law will have a significant influence on cross-border transactions between business and suppliers as well as consumers, and would particularly benefit SMEs.

Learning methodology
The seminar has a duration of two days and consists in a blend of presentations, questions & answers periods and discussions, with particular emphasis on active participation and multilateral exchanges of information.

The Digital Single Market Strategy intends to deal with all major obstacles to the development of cross-border e-commerce in the Digital Single Market. The Commission has therefore taken several initiatives in the area of sales law, insurance contract law and consumer contracts to strengthen the Single Market. The objective of this seminar is to provide an overview of the legal and policy area of contract law within the EU.


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