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Most Recent Developments in Environmental and Climate Change Areas


25 Feb 2016 11:00

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S - Workshop, course


Science & Policymaking
Sustainable Dev.
Climate & Environment

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Target group
All parties interested in understanding the most recent developments in EU’s dense environmental legislation without necessarily having a legal background, civil servants and staff of public administrations, NGOs, environmental networks, as well as private sector actors with an interest in EU environmental law.

A high level of protection of environment is one of the key objectives enshrined in the EU treaties. It covers a wind range of areas such as nature protection (Natura 2000 network), environmental impact assessments, water protection, waste management, etc. It is very closely linked with another key objective: to combat climate change. The recent crucial 21st Conference Of Parties (COP21) held in December in Paris is supposed to pave the way for reducing climate change in the post-Kyoto Protocol period.
This one-day seminar aims at providing all interested parties with an update on the most recent developments in environmental and climate change policies and legislation, focusing in particular on:
• The results of the Paris COP21 and expectations on the future climate change-energy EU legislative package.
• The process of ‘fitness check’ launched by the Commission of the Nature protection legislation (‘Birds’ and ‘Habitats’ directives).
• Expectations in the area of Water protection following the expiry of the Water Framework Directive’s deadline to reach ‘good status’ of water by 22/15/2015.
• Waste legislation & expectations on the ‘circular economy.’
• The novelties of the new Environmental Impact Assessment Directive from 2014.

Learning methodology
The programme has been designed to offer a combination of presentations and active discussions with experienced practitioners Recent legislative and jurisprudential developments in the relevant areas will be presented and discussed. The sessions will be moderated by a small team of recognised experts and practitioners, with an emphasis on practical examples, active involvement of the participants, and exchanges of experiences. All sessions include time for questions and answers.

• To provide an update on the most recent trends and developments in the area of EU environmental and climate change policies.
• To discuss future EU legislation on climate change and energy covering objectives and targets to be reach post 2020 (2030 and beyond).
• To understand the challenges ahead in the area of ‘circular economy’ and waste legislation.
• To analyse the concrete implications of the ‘good status’ of water objectives enshrined in the Water Framework Directive, following the expiry of the deadline of 22/12/2015 to reach them.
• To provide a platform for networking, exchange experiences and information sharing.


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