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Practical Tools for Implementation of EU Policies and Law at the National Level


19 Sep 2016 to 22 Sep 2016

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S - Workshop, course


Science & Policymaking

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Target group
Mid-level managers, officials and experts from ministries, central and regional agencies and authorities responsible for or involved in drafting, coordinating and/or implementing European Union legislation at the national level.

This workshop deals in a very practical way with specific aspects concerning political, legal, economical, process and managerial questions related to implementation of EU policies and law at the level of the Member States. It also illustrates the need for timely and appropriate implementation, as well as possible consequences of non- or incorrect implementation.To allow participants the highest possible degree of attending training tailor-made to their interests and needs, the programme is divided into two separate two-day modules, each of which can be attended separately, or which can be attended together.
The first module focuses on the implementation obligations, the law approximation process, national coordination of the law approximation efforts, notification to the Commission and the consequences of non-, incomplete or late implementation.
Introducing the European Smart Regulation Strategy, the second module focuses on pre-implementation impact assessment and introduces post-implementation measurement of outcomes.

This highly interactive workshop is based on a combination of presentations, problem-solving learning sessions, exchanges of experience, case studies and simulations.

Aims and objectives
The overall aim of the workshop is to provide the participants with a better understanding of national and the Commission’s needs with respect to the implementation of European Union legislation. More specifically, the objectives of the workshop are:
• to transfer methodology and the practical tools necessary to ensure compliance with EU membership obligations;
• to provide guidance on balancing domestic and supra-national political interests on the one hand, and constitutional and legal requirements on the other;
• to introduce ‘European Smart Regulation’ and how Impact Assessment supports better regulation;
• to enable participants to identify and measure the impact of transposition of EU legislation at the national level;
• to introduce the objective and methods of measuring and monitoring the outcome of implemented EU legislation;
• to learn by doing and exchange experiences with colleagues from other countries.

Note: Due to the highly interactive nature of the programme, the number of participants is limited to 20.


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