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Financial Programmes for Justice


12 Dec 2013 12:00


European Institute of Public Administration
Building Chambre des métiers Circuit de la Foire internationale, 2


Justice & Home Affairs

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The European budget is making headlines this year. What will be the reality for funding of justice projects at the beginning of 2014? In 2012, two new regulations (966/2012 of 25 October 2012 and 1268/2012 of 29 October 2012) amended and replaced previous regulations regarding the financial rules applicable to the general budget of the European Union and their implementation. These regulations provide the general context for any budgetary decisions, as well as the rules for establishing and managing European-funded projects. They entered into force at the beginning of 2013. The European Union’s next pluri-annual financial framework will be implemented as of 2014. The Commission’s proposals for financial programmes per policy are being discussed in the Council and European Parliament and have to be adopted before the end of 2013. The way in which Justice and Home Affairs financial programmes are organised was greatly affected by the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty. Furthermore, some Member States do not participate in all financial programmes.

At the end of 2011, DG Justice presented two proposals for financial pluri-annual programmes – one for justice, and one for fundamental rights and citizenship. These two financial programmes are founded on new legal bases, taking into consideration the changes brought about by the Lisbon Treaty in the field of justice, freedoms and fundamental rights. The seminar will present both, the new features and the way in which the financial programmes are continuing to support a number of ongoing priority areas in a sustainable way. DG HOME financial programmes have also evolved substantially - can they also be of relevance for funding justice projects? The topics and management of these programmes are very specific and new features will be highlighted.


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