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Hydrogen Europe Flagship Event & Expo


25 Oct 2022 to 27 Oct 2022


Brussels Expo Hall 5



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The Fast Track to the Future

The hydrogen economy will redraw the energy map. There is absolutely no doubt that hydrogen will have a key role in the energy transition, especially to harvest the fast-growing amount of renewable energy. Therefore, in the global race to reach the Paris Agreement targets, hydrogen technologies are more and more at the center of the attention and are now considered crucial and lucrative opportunities. The hydrogen’s moment is definitely now!

That’s why more and more companies and investors are prioritising hydrogen. Yet, every business decision carries a risk and to mitigate them connections and knowledge-sharing are key. Hydrogen Europe’s Flagship Event is a melting pot of powerful and influential leaders, policy makers, researchers and consumers each looking for the next big thing. Companies, like yours, will find customers, investors and partners in the exhibition area as well as have be able to attend a thought-provoking conference.

The opportunities are endless. You just have to make sure you are there to capitalise on them!


Hydrogen Europe Flagship Event will be the go-to-event to explore opportunities and be fuelled by ideas and new concepts. People come to Hydrogen Europe Flagship Event to discover, learn, network and be inspired. Major companies come to demonstrate their capabilities all the time looking for ground-breaking ideas and connections that will give them a competitive edge.

With over 3000 people attending and 200 exhibiting entities, Hydrogen Europe Flagship Event will be a hub of networking, relationship building and learning. By joining this event you will get access to all the talks in the high level conference sessions, take part in meet-the-expert discussions and roam the hands-on exhibition. You also are invited to join the 2 networking evenings and engage with some of the brightest minds and biggest movers in the hydrogen industry.


  • Interactive Exhibition Floor: engage, gain insights and discover innovations from exhibitors.
  • Unmatched Networking : connecting leaders of the industry and decision makers.
  • Top-Notch Speakers: key industry players and leading policy makers.
  • Stay on Top of Trends: get to know the trends that will drive the renewable energy industry of tomorrow.