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REMIT: Getting up to speed on recent Legal and Practical Developments


12 Apr 2019


Cours Saint Michel 30a
1040  Brussels



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This specialised training is designed to provide a critical understanding of how REMIT is currently being implemented and enforced, and equip participants with the necessary tools to anticipate practical issues and ensure compliance.
In this one-day intensive training, we will bring together experts in the field to bring you fully up to date with the current workings of REMIT, examine what its provisions require in practice and how it is implemented and enforced in Member States. Our experts will lead you through recent controversial cases with complex REMIT issues at their core.
REMIT, the EU Regulation on Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency (Regulation No. 1227/2011), first brought into effect in 2011 (followed by the REMIT Implementing Regulation in 2014 (Reg. No. 1348/2014)), establishes common EU-wide rules, that aim to prevent abusive practices in wholesale energy markets and enhance market transparency. Overseen by ACER, the regulation defines prohibited abusive practices with respect to market manipulation and insider trading, applies a monitoring system for the European energy markets, and gives national regulatory authorities (NRAs) powers to enforce rules, investigate and sanction misconducts. REMIT is now a mature system of regulation but the interpretation and application of its provisions, are challenging, complex and often contentious.
Ahead of the training, reading and supporting materials will be made available through a dedicated online portal alongside online exercises and focused discussion groups, in preparation for the course. The course is designed to encourage the active participation of participants throughout the course and a close interaction with the experts on hand to ensure a fuller learning experience. Participants will also be invited to post questions ahead of the training, so that their particular concerns are fully addressed.



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