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Weekly preview of the Greens/EFA group - 2-6 September 2013


01 Sep 2013 22:00 to 05 Sep 2013 22:00



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PRISM/NSA snooping scandal and EU implications    

Thurs. 5 Sept. – Civil liberties committee debate

With revelations continuing to emerge about the extent of the NSA's snooping programme of EU citizens and institutions, MEPs on the EP's civil liberties committee will begin an inquiry into the affair. The Greens have called for the suspension of negotiations on an EU-US trade agreement as an immediate consequence. In addition to ensuring tough data protection rules, the Safe Harbor Agreement and the agreements with the US on the transfer of bank and airline passenger data need to be reviewed. EU data protection law has to allow people in Europe to regain control of their data and prevent outside access. (see latest press release)

Water protected as basic public service 

Thurs. 5 Sept. – Internal market committee (Juvin report)

MEPs will vote on an agreement on EU legislation on the award of concession contracts. The Greens had been concerned that the original proposals would have detrimental implications for the provision of water as core a public service, opening the door to liberalisation of this sensitive sector. However, under the final legislative agreement, the water sector will be excluded, thanks to the pressure of the Greens and others. Water provision is a fundamental public service that should be guaranteed across the EU.

Bringing banking out of the shadows   

Weds. 4 Sept. – European Commission proposal

The Commission is set to present a communication on shadow banking, dealing with the myriad of financial sector activities that are outside the banking system and therefore not subject to banking rules. Many of these entities and structures have direct links to the irresponsible speculative behaviour that has had such a damaging impact on the wider global economy. There is a need to swiftly move towards proper regulation of shadow banking. The Commission will also propose EU rules on 'money market funds', which provide short-term financing for financial institutions. There is a need for robust EU rules covering the sector.

Unfracked: why shale gas should stay in the ground 

Thurs. 5 Sept. – Conference - Room ASP 1G3 - European Parliament - 9.15-12.45

This public conference will seek to address the problems of shale gas and dispel some of the myths surrounding its problematic extraction through fracking. The conference will be followed by a screening of the film 'Gasland' in the presence of director Josh Fox. (click for more information)