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Legal responses to the risks and dangers for children in cyberspace




  • Neuregelung zum Güterrecht für internationale Paare
  • Aktuelle EuGH-Rechtsprechung
  • Brexit und Familienrecht



Trier, 25.-26. Oktober 2018


As from January 2019, the EU Regulations covering all civil-law aspects of matrimonial property regimes and the property consequences of registered partnerships will apply.

  • Focus on the ordinary legislative procedure
  • Interactive exercise on the negotiation process


Brussels, 25-26 October 2018



Area of law:

 Company Law

  Detailed information will follow soon.

Trier, 18-19 October 2018


Annual Forum on Combating Corruption in the EU 2018


Lisbon, 15-16 October 2018

ERA preview

  • „New Deal“ für Verbraucher
  • Produktsicherheit und -haftung
  • Aktuelle EuGH-Rechtsprechung

Trier, 11.-12. Oktober 2018



Mass data created by digitisation is transforming the economy and creating new business models.

ObjectiveThe purpose of this interactive seminar is twofold: first to introduce participants to the law and practice of cross-border family mediation and second to improve their English language skills.
  • Brussels, 24-26 September 2018
    Focus on speaking and writing skills


This course is designed for speakers of English at an intermediate level or above who have a particular interest in the language of the law.


Application Deadline

30 June 2018


Status of Schengen, Information Systems, Brexit



The purpose of this course is to provide a thorough introduction to EU social security law. EU legislation and recent case law of the Court of Justice of the EU will be presented.

Key topics

Areas of law:

 Human Rights Law, Consumer Protection Law, Judicial Remedies 

Data protection





This course will provide a thorough introduction to EU public procurement law.




Key Topics

Area of Law: Trade Law

Level: Introductory



  • Language: English
  • Event number: 218B09
  • Cross-border Judicial Cooperation
  • Best Practice and the Way Forward


Trier, 25-29 June 2018


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