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Annual Forum on Leadership and Governance in a Multilevel Europe: Empowering the Public Sector


12 Jun 2017 to 15 Jun 2017


Global Europe

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The European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) in Maastricht is organising an forum entitled "Annual Forum on Leadership and Governance in a Multilevel Europe: Empowering the Public Sector". The forum will be held in Barcelona (ES) on 12-15 June 2017. For more information, please contact Ms Miriam Escolà Salvans, Programme Organiser, EIPA (tel.: +34 93 245 1206; e-mail:

or visit our website:


What is this course about? 

Today’s public administration requires speed, flexibility and perseverance. Leading our teams of public servants is becoming more daunting and stimulating than ever before and we are in need of strong leadership to confront these turbulent times. In order to ensure a stable future, it is essential for public managers to understand that continuous renewal and learning is the key to successful leadership. The EIPA Forum is a rigorous, innovative programme designed to provide a portfolio of knowledge, skills and individual awareness that will help you to become a more effective leader.

How will it help you?
The main objective of the programme is the integral development of the knowledge and skills of the participating managers in order to allow for a substantial improvement in the process of detecting the key challenges for their own administration. They will learn how to work with the principles of good governance and how to list priority areas suited for change, maximise the potential of their HR, work with benchmarks, and improve partnerships, skills development and network.

The BHAP (Back at home action plan) will be developed during the Forum (4 days) and aims at stimulating participants in 
the programme to think about how they will put into practice in their own organisations the newly gained knowledge.

Who will benefit most?
Any public servant willing to step up his career, to better define his role within the team, upgrade his performance,  be ready to take on new challenges and gain confidence in his professional activity.  You will be updated on new concepts, tools and methodologies of public management. The Forum is a multisector and multifunctional programme where international participants benefit from a wealth of experiences and ideas from other administrations in Europe.

Join us in this exciting four-day journey, where you will learn to think strategically, analyse different approaches to reality and lead the process of change within your own administration.


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