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Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) of EU-Financed Projects: Why and How? New CBA Guide 2014-2020


23 Oct 2017 to 25 Oct 2017


Global Europe

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What is this course about? 
This practical seminar will cover all essential aspects of CBA in 2014-2020, in line with the European Commission Guide on CBA published in December 2014, presented by the representatives of the European Commission and expert from JASPERS - the lead author of the New CBA Guide.

It explains why Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) continues to be one of the most important tools in the programming period 2014-2020, not only for beneficiaries of EU funds, but also for national and regional administrations as the managing authorities and intermediate bodies of EU co-financed programmes in their decision-making process regarding investment projects. It gives also reply to the question how to prepare the best CBA, how to assess CBA and how European Court of Auditors audits CBA.

The seminar will also cover the closure of major projects and the so-called ‘phased projects’, for which a first stage is financed from 2007-2013, and the second stage to be financed in 2014-2020 could benefit from a simplified approval procedure provided certain conditions are met. 

How will it help you?
By the end of the seminar, you will have improved your theoretical and practical knowledge regarding elaboration and assessment of CBAs prepared for EU Structural and Cohesion Fund investment projects, conforming to the DG Regio requirements, including the new guide to Cost-Benefit Analysis and general and implementing regulations. You will practice all elements during workshops in small working groups with the direct involvement of EC, ECA and JASPERS experts. 

Who will benefit most?
Beneficiaries eligible for Structural Funds, Cohesion Fund and IPA II (national, regional and local administrations, NGOs, agencies, SMEs, associations, etc.), managing authorities, certifying authorities, consulting companies and other actors involved in EU funding programmes and projects.

In case you register for the two consecutive seminars on CBA Why and How and CBA Advanced, you will be offered a reduction of €200 in total.

The detailed programme of this seminar will be available soon.