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Energy Efficiency in Buildings - "Quizzing the Stakeholders"

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Have you got the facts straight when it comes to energy efficiency in buildings? Come and find out at the EuroACE’s informative & interactive quiz!!!
EUSEW 2012: Energy Efficiency in Buildings – Quizzing the Stakeholders
Join EuroACE, the European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings, and the Institute for Building Efficiency, in an interactive live polling session at the Charlemagne building during the EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) 2012.  Aimed at killing the myths that persist in the minds of stakeholders around energy efficiency in buildings, this interactive workshop will directly involve its 120 participants through a series of questions, to which a selection of keynote speakers will provide answers in the shape of short presentations. 
Quiz Session 1: All about the money - costs, savings and jobs creation potential
Peter Sweatman, Chief Executive, Climate Strategy
Quiz Session 2: Technology - what can we save, how should we do it
Speaker to be confirmed
Quiz Session 3: Results of the Energy Efficiency Indicator survey - what challenges do companies and organisations identify?
Jennifer Layke, Director, Institute for Building Efficiency (IBE)
Misconceptions in the eyes of stakeholders and decision-makers about energy efficiency in buildings are a major challenge”, explained Adrian Joyce, Secretary General of EuroACE. “This Live Polling event during EUSEW 2012 is a unique opportunity to bring together business members, policy-makers, financial institutions and key stakeholders in energy efficiency and to challenge their current understanding of energy efficiency in buildings, with the aim of highlighting the technological feasibility and real economic benefits of energy efficiency buildings.”  
This interactive session will also display the jobs creation potential of energy efficiency in buildings, the cost effectiveness potential and the impact on energy imports.
Set to tackle the themes of financing energy efficiency and technology available to roll out energy efficient buildings, the event will culminate in the release of the results from the Energy Efficiency Indicator (EEI) survey by the Institute for Building Efficiency, conducted with hundreds of European facility managers on the priorities, market barriers and trends in energy management and investment.
Jennifer Layke, Director, Institute for Building Efficiency, said: "The Energy Efficiency Indicator survey offers a window into specific circumstances and conditions occurring in different countries. It offers insight into executives’ priorities, motivations and management approaches, as well as uncovering barriers that prevent organizations from implementing energy efficiency. The data helps engage a variety of stakeholders - ranging from business constituencies, energy agencies, financiers and policymakers - to benchmark practices and engage in a discussion about how to innovate and design more effective approaches to meet targets."
Are you ready to put your knowledge and understanding of energy efficiency to the test? Join the debate and stimulate action regarding the need to quickly ramp up to a high level of quality, extensive renovation of the EU building stock by participating in EuroACE’s live polling event on the afternoon of 21st June 2012 in the Charlemagne building.
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