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How to Litigate before the European Courts


21 Oct 2012 22:00 to 23 Oct 2012 22:00

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M - Seminar, presentation


Justice & Home Affairs

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Target group
This seminar is addressed to all those concerned by European Union law and the functioning of the Court of Justice and the General Court, such as European lawyers and judges, as well as other members of the legal and judicial professions, academics, and people working in national and European administrations.
This seminar provides a practical approach to the European Courts’ proceedings: practical indications are provided on how to draft the application, the response, the reply and the rejoinder, as well as how to prepare for the oral hearing. It will also set out how to plead in an appeal case and ask for legal assistance, so as to promote the quality of judicial protection in the European Union legal system and to ensure speedy and smooth proceedings.
Objectives and methodology
Taking a practical approach and using practical examples, the seminar will discuss the written and oral proceedings before the Court of Justice and the General Court.