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Scheduled Exchanges Calculation Methodology Proposals


26 Oct 2016





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All TSOs are developing common methodologies for the calculation of Scheduled Exchanges’ resulting from single Day-ahead and Intraday coupling. The development of both methodologies is required by Regulation (EU) 2015/1222 establishing a guideline on capacity allocation and congestion management (“CACM”).

Stakeholders‘ feedback on both methodologies is of utmost value to ENTSO-E. We therefore call on all interested parties to register using the form below before 17th October 2016 to participate in a public workshop on the Day-ahead and Intraday Scheduled Exchanges Calculation Methodology Proposals. The two Scheduled Exchanges’ Calculation Methodology proposals (Day-ahead and Intraday) will be discussed during the same workshop.

The workshop will take place in ENTSO-E offices in Brussels on Wednesday 26th October 2016, from 2pm to 5pm.

How and when to get involved?

Under Article 12 of CACM, for methodologies being developed by all TSOs under Article 9(6) of CACM, public consultation on the proposal for a methodology shall be undertaken. The consultation will be for a period of not less than one month. ENTSO-E will facilitate a one month public consultation on the methodologies.

The Day-ahead and Intraday Scheduled Exchanges’ Calculation Methodologies will be presented for public consultation from 4 October until 4 November on ENTSO-E’s public consultation hub​. The public workshop of 26th October will provide a platform for stakeholders to exchange with the drafting team during the consultation period itself.

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