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Corruption and Ethics Violations in the Public Service: Identify Threats and Implement Integrity Systems


06 Oct 2013 22:00 to 07 Oct 2013 22:00



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M - Seminar, presentation

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Federations / Associations


Public Affairs

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Target group
This seminar is intended for officers and managers in the public sector from the EU Member States, candidate countries and beyond. It should be of interest to those who are involved in designing and implementing general codes of conduct and anti-corruption measures. It should also be of particular interest to policy makers and public officials in the HRM and corporate management sectors, who deal with integrity and corruption issues and who would like to build up or refresh their knowledge on the subject matter.

Description and learning methodology
This two-day seminar will take the form of interactive presentations, discussions and small workshops. The experts will give a thorough introduction of the concept of anti-corruption and integrity, before discussing corruption threats and integrity risks in human resource management and generally in the corporate sector. The seminar will be highly interactive, and delegates will be encouraged to share experiences and ask practical questions as much as possible.

Anti-corruption measures in the public sector are widely discussed and there is a general consensus that professional ethics and integrity should be the cornerstone of new codes in EU Member States. Yet, despite the conventional praise for anti-corruption measures, implementation remains weak. The purpose of this seminar is to identify corruption threats, discuss issues related to designing national anti-corruption measures, and explore the obstacles facing the implementation of new instruments to regulate norms and principles of professional standards.
The seminar is led by professionals who are actively involved in designing and implementing anti-corruption strategies in the public service. Participants will be actively involved by solving practical problems and discussing the seminar issues. They will be encouraged to share their views and professional experiences with one another.

The objectives of the seminar are threefold:
• to bring together public officers and managers so that they can share their knowledge and the practical experience they have gained, whilst identifying essential mutual cooperation issues;
• to discuss the main challenges and opportunities of anti-corruption measures in the public sector;
• to allow participants to share their knowledge and professional experience with respect to corruption, integrity and ethics in the public sector within the context of the EU integration process.


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