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Updated: 1 min 39 sec ago

‘Daphne project’ vows to disturb Malta’s corruption praxis

41 min 24 sec ago
Marking six months since the murder of Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, an international consortium of journalists has started publishing further revelations aimed at uncovering the truth about her assassination and making sure her investigations live on.
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EU energy efficiency debate skewed by bad maths, says study

42 min 40 sec ago
Ongoing talks about the EU’s energy efficiency target for 2030 are deadlocked and the debate could have been skewed by the way initial cost estimates were calculated, according to a new study.
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Kosovo, rule of law remain key for Serbia’s EU bid

1 hour 26 min ago
The European Commission's latest enlargement report has acknowledged Serbia's progress in the fight against corruption and organised crime and its growing role in regional cooperation, but also highlighted a lack of improvement in the freedom of speech and media.
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European Aluminium launches its Digital Activity Report 2017 [Promoted content]

1 hour 54 min ago
In this first digital European Aluminium Activity Report, our industry is anticipating future policy direction, allowing us to take steps towards realising Europe’s vision and ambitions for a revitalised industry and a sustainable society.
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EU edges closer to new Iran sanctions ahead of Trump deadline

3 hours 16 min ago
European Union governments are showing more support for the idea of new sanctions on Iran proposed by Britain, France and Germany as a way of dissuading US President Donald Trump from pulling out of the 2015 nuclear deal, diplomats say.
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Russia’s RT faces seven investigations in Britain over broadcasts since Skripal case

3 hours 38 min ago
Britain's media regulator opened seven investigations into Russian news channel RT, saying it had found an increase in programmes which may have breached impartiality rules since a nerve agent attack on a former Russian spy last month.
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EU antitrust chief says investigation of Google’s Android, AdSense is advancing

3 hours 45 min ago
Investigations into how Google may be using its Android smartphone operating system and its AdSense advertising service to thwart rivals are advancing, Europe's antitrust chief said on Wednesday (18 April), amid concern about the lengthy proceedings.
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Greece launches tender for Hellenic Petroleum privatisation

3 hours 56 min ago
Greece launched an international tender on Wednesday (18 April) to sell a majority stake in its biggest oil refiner, Hellenic Petroleum, as agreed under its third international bailout.
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Macron visits Merkel in bid to salvage eurozone reform plans

3 hours 57 min ago
French President Emmanuel Macron heads to Berlin Thursday (19 April) for talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel, hoping to breathe fresh life into his grand vision for EU reforms in the face of growing German resistance.
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European firm wins contract for post-Brexit UK passports

4 hours 7 min ago
A Franco-Dutch company on Wednesday (18 April) won a contract to make British passports after the country leaves in the EU, in a blow for Brexit campaigners.
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Theresa May suffers embarrassing Brexit defeat in parliament’s upper house

4 hours 22 min ago
Britain's upper house of parliament inflicted an embarrassing defeat on Theresa May's government on Wednesday (18 April), challenging her refusal to remain in a customs union with the EU after Brexit.
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A Pandora’s Box of headwinds for the UK’s global ambitions after Brexit

4 hours 29 min ago
Despite the bombing of chemical weapon sites in Syria, along with France and the US, and the recent show of support from Western allies in the Skripal affair, Britain’s international clout will inexorably erode after Brexit, writes Pierre-Alain Coffinier.
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After Facebook scandal, MEPs argue the GDPR isn’t enough

4 hours 32 min ago
The EU needs more legal safeguards to prevent massive privacy breaches like the current scandal over Facebook and British political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica, MEPs from different political parties argued on Wednesday (18 April).
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EU officials fear new wave of migrants after Greek court ruling

4 hours 40 min ago
A top Greek court ruled on Wednesday (18 April) that migrants landing on Greek islands should no longer be held there while asylum claims are assessed, a decision raising alarm among EU officials in Brussels.
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Making the most of the European Values Instrument

4 hours 41 min ago
The European Values Instrument can provide a much-needed boost to the weakened resilience of European democracies. However, the details of its structure will determine whether this opportunity will be grasped, write Jan Jakub Chromiec and Katarzyna Pełczyńska-Nałęcz.
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Kurz: Austrian EU Presidency to focus on China

4 hours 45 min ago
During its July-December EU Presidency, Austria wants to set its own focus on China. To prepare for this, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz paid a visit to the Middle Kingdom. EURACTIV Germany reports from Vienna.
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Erdogan calls early elections under state of emergency, new purges underway

4 hours 59 min ago
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Wednesday (18 April) called snap elections for 24 June, saying economic challenges and the war in Syria meant Turkey must switch quickly to the powerful executive presidency that goes into effect after the vote. The...
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Whose aid is it anyway?

Wed, 2018-04-18 16:26
To the generation brought up on the LiveAid and Live8 concerts, development aid is a moral obligation as well as a policy tool.
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Europeans will have to recycle half of their waste by 2025

Wed, 2018-04-18 15:40
European households and businesses will have to recycle at least 55% of their municipal waste by 2025, according to stricter new rules passed by the European Parliament on Wednesday (18 April).
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The Brief – Selmayr stays. What next?

Wed, 2018-04-18 14:52
Is the Selmayr affair closed? That, at least, is how the Commission reads the resolution adopted by the European Parliament today. 
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