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Updated: 19 min 20 sec ago

Overarching, different policies approach needed to address health in EU, stakeholders say

1 hour 2 min ago
Health can no longer be seen as an isolated topic, according to policymakers and stakeholders who reiterate the need for a more comprehensive approach to health in all policies as a priority for future actions.  Health is mainly left up...
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Slaying the green dragon

1 hour 52 min ago
Efforts to curtail driving in cities is provoking debate in countries across Europe. In Britain, defending cars has risen to the top of the agenda of the ruling conservatives, who have vowed to end “the war on motorists”.
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Bulgaria mulls system addressing medicine shortages faster

1 hour 55 min ago
Lawmakers from the ruling majority in the Bulgarian parliament are considering law changes that would allow a faster state response to shortages in the supply chain for medicines, Euractiv has learned.
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EU’s Šefčovič pledges ‘dialogue’ to win Green Deal portfolio

3 hours 9 min ago
European Commission vice-president Maroš Šefčovič pledged to hold several dialogues on the green transition – with industry, farmers, and citizens – in order to win the European Parliament’s support to oversee the EU’s Green Deal during a hearing on Tuesday (3 October).
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Warsaw, Kyiv make breakthrough on Ukrainian grain transit

4 hours 42 min ago
Warsaw and Kyiv announced on Tuesday (4 October) they had agreed to speed up the transit of Ukrainian cereal exports through Poland to third countries, a first step in resolving their "grain war".
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France set to regulate cloud market more than EU

5 hours 12 min ago
A comprehensive bill aiming to secure and regulate the internet in France aims to strictly respect the new digital European regulations and, when it comes to cloud regulation, will go even further.
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UN team in Karabakh ‘struck’ by the sudden manner of the exodus

6 hours 47 min ago
A United Nations team visiting Nagorno-Karabakh in Azerbaijan said on Monday (2 October) they were struck “by the sudden manner in which the local population fled their homes”, but stopped short of accusations of ethnic cleansing.
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Lawmakers call for ‘European Blue Deal’ to tackle water challenges

7 hours 8 min ago
A cross-party group of lawmakers in the European Parliament have issued a joint call for the establishment of an ambitious "European Blue Deal" to protect water resources from climate stress and promote ocean energies.
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Cyber Resilience Act: Disclosure requirement concerns raised by experts

7 hours 23 min ago
Cybersecurity experts have urged EU policymakers to reconsider a key part of the Cyber Resilience Act (CRA), the vulnerability disclosure requirements, in an open letter published on Tuesday (3 October).
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UN authorizes Haiti security mission to fight gangs

8 hours 32 min ago
The United Nations Security Council on Monday (2 October) authorized a foreign security mission to Haiti, a year after the Caribbean country asked for help to fight violent gangs that have largely overrun its capital Port-au-Prince.
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Investigation: Russia deploys punishment battalions in echo of Stalin

8 hours 42 min ago
Drunk recruits, insubordinate soldiers, convicts are among hundreds of military and civilian offenders who've been pressed into Russian penal units known as "Storm-Z" squads and sent to the frontlines in Ukraine this year, an investigation reveals.
Categories: EurActiv

Why an EU nature restoration law is badly needed

8 hours 53 min ago
Focusing restoration efforts on degraded forests can deliver accelerated climate and biodiversity benefits because these areas retain elements of their natural ecology and can recover quickly, write Janice Weatherley-Singh and Tim Rayden.
Categories: EurActiv

Poland says not invited to Ukraine’s defence forum

8 hours 53 min ago
In today's edition of the Capitals, find out more about Taiwan encouraging companies to invest in Lithuania, Meloni clashing with judges for undermining efforts to curb migration, and so much more.
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Kosovo invasion ‘only on Vucic’s orders’ while Pristina maintains Belgrade’s annexe plan

8 hours 58 min ago
Serbia’s Minister of Defence Milos Vucevic said they will only invade Kosovo on President Aleksander Vucic’s orders, while Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti has reinforced Pristina’s view that Serbia was planning to annexe the north of Kosovo on the terrorist...
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NATO deputy secretary leads Romanian election race

8 hours 59 min ago
In a close race ahead of next year’s presidential elections, independent candidate Mircea Geoană, the deputy secretary general of NATO, is leading the race for the presidential elections with 25.3%. In a recent poll released on Monday, Geoană, leads the...
Categories: EurActiv

Piling up of unresolved disputes highlights WTO crisis

9 hours 1 min ago
Nothing illustrates the crisis at the World Trade Organization more than the piling up of unresolved disputes and the growing list of what it terms the "trade concerns" of its members.
Categories: EurActiv

€440 million ‘seamless’ AirMalta transition aimed at profitability

9 hours 1 min ago
A new national airline set to replace AirMalta by next March – which will cost the government an estimated €440 million – was announced by Prime Minister Robert Abela and Finance Minister Clyde Caruana on Monday, with plans for the...
Categories: EurActiv

UN rapporteur: Climate activists in Europe under increasing pressure

9 hours 3 min ago
Climate activists are under increasing pressure in Europe, Michel Forst, the UN special rapporteur on Environmental Defenders, told Lusa on Monday while expressing his surprise at the violence with which some governments treat them. “Rights defenders as a whole face...
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Sánchez close to moment of truth in Catalan deal debacle

9 hours 3 min ago
As Spain’s King Felipe VI began his second round of contacts with the country’s main political parties on Monday, acting Prime Minister and Socialist candidate Pedro Sánchez is nearing his own “moment of truth” as he must soon clarify how...
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Czech FM calls to start Ukraine’s EU accession talks in autumn

9 hours 6 min ago
EU accession negotiations with Ukraine should be opened in autumn 2023 or early next year, Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský said at the meeting of EU foreign ministers in Kyiv on Monday. According to Lipavský, the meeting in Kyiv was...
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