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Letter bomb suspect sought to end Spain’s support for Ukraine, judge says

Fri, 2023-01-27 15:25
A Spanish man arrested over letter bombs sent to institutions including the prime minister's office and the Ukrainian Embassy in Madrid was trying to pressure Spain to drop its support for Ukraine, a magistrate said on 27 January.
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The Brief — Tough love now or contempt later

Fri, 2023-01-27 15:20
For the many critics of the European Parliament, the Qatargate scandal is a monument to a corrupt talking shop. It’s a crude and inaccurate slur. Forty years of EU integration and reform have created a European Parliament far more powerful...
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Generative AI keeps creative industries on their toes

Fri, 2023-01-27 15:17
Artists' organisations are preparing a push for regulatory changes over concerns that EU law fails to protect the creative industries from fast-developing generative AI technologies such as ChatGPT. 
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Borrell hopes South Africa can convince Russia to stop Ukraine war

Fri, 2023-01-27 15:08
The European Union's foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said on Friday (27 January) he hoped South Africa would use its good relations with Russia to convince it end the conflict in Ukraine.
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EU Commission preps national authorities on Digital Services Act implementation

Fri, 2023-01-27 15:06
The EU executive delivered a presentation, obtained by EURACTIV, to national authorities on the designation of very large online platforms, the governance architecture and an information-sharing system.
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Hungary will veto EU sanctions on Russian nuclear energy, Orban warns

Fri, 2023-01-27 14:51
Hungary will veto any European Union sanctions against Russia affecting nuclear energy, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told state radio on Friday (27 January).
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Turkish Elections: A final referendum on Erdogan’s republic

Fri, 2023-01-27 13:55
On 14 May, Turks will decide whether or not to approve – in final terms – Erdoğan’s drive toward an extremely centralised system of government, or, to put it more simply, one-man rule, writes Yavuz Baydar.
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EU due diligence rules should include finance, Commissioner says

Fri, 2023-01-27 13:24
Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders said the EU executive's goal is to include the financial sector under the EU rules on corporate accountability after it was carved out from mandatory due diligence by member states in their common negotiating position.
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UK and Spain inch forward on Gibraltar deal

Fri, 2023-01-27 13:20
Officials continue to inch towards an agreement on the status of Gibraltar, the rocky enclave at the southernmost tip of Spain, following the latest round of talks in London between officials from the UK, Gibraltar, Spain and the European Commission on Thursday and Friday (26,27 January).
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Tech Brief: EU Council closing in on Data Act, ITU’s Brussels office

Fri, 2023-01-27 12:06
Welcome to EURACTIV’s Tech Brief, your weekly update on all things digital in the EU. You can subscribe to the newsletter here.    “To clarify the process ahead, following the discussions in the WP, the Presidency will ask the delegations to provide...
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What ChatGPT and the likes tell us about AI

Fri, 2023-01-27 11:52
In the past few days, generative Artificial Intelligence systems like ChatGPT and Stability AI have caught great attention. In the first part of the podcast, we discuss to what extent these language models are actually new, and the potential societal...
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Parliament will be ‘more transparent, modern and open’, says Metsola

Fri, 2023-01-27 11:47
Roberta Metsola has vowed to use the Parliament’s response to the so-called ‘Qatargate’ scandal to make the institution "more visible, more effective, more transparent, more modern and more open".
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The dissolution of the Russian Federation is a far less dangerous than leaving it ruled by criminals [Promoted content]

Fri, 2023-01-27 11:00
The invasion of Ukraine is a direct continuation of Russia’s imperial and colonial policies; policies that never disappeared. Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine has been coupled with a propaganda campaign denying the very existence of a Ukrainian nation, genocide being actively committed against Ukrainians, all completed with the colonisation of occupied territories by ethnic Russians.
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Preparing for the perfect storm of conflict and climate change

Fri, 2023-01-27 10:54
Climate change will have an even greater impact on conflict zones. In these areas, there is a heightened need to increase funds for adaptation, support the deployment of renewables and counteract inequalities and political instability, writes Nickolay Mladenov.
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Von der Leyen urges EU states to step up on migration

Fri, 2023-01-27 10:11
Migration is still a critical concern for the bloc and one where citizens expect a strong response, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen urged heads of state in a letter on Thursday (26 January) ahead of a crucial leaders' summit next month.
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Agrifood Special CAPitals Brief: Controlling food prices

Fri, 2023-01-27 08:00
In this Special CAPitals edition of the Agrifood Brief, EURACTIV's network takes a look at the state of play across nine EU countries and the measures these countries have taken to tackle soaring food prices.
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Hungary will amend university law to secure EU funding, minister says

Fri, 2023-01-27 07:30
Hungary will amend legislation in March to address Brussels' concerns about government-linked politicians holding seats on university boards in order to restore European Union funding for students and teachers, a Hungarian minister said on Thursday (26 January).
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German finance ministry firmly rejects new EU common debt

Fri, 2023-01-27 07:10
Germany's finance ministry firmly rejected proposals on new European Union joint debt on Thursday (26 January), saying such a move, backed by France and European Council President Charles Michel, was not needed and would send a wrong signal to markets.
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Privacy and data protection too often suspended at EU borders

Fri, 2023-01-27 07:00
Privacy and data protection are part of the human rights too often suspended at the borders of the European Union - as long as we continue treating migration as a 'problem', fundamental rights will remain compromised, Wojciech Wiewiórowski writes.
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EU mission to Armenia will fuel confrontation, Russia warns

Fri, 2023-01-27 06:54
Russia on Thursday (26 January) accused the EU of seeking to fuel "geopolitical confrontation" by sending a civilian mission to monitor Armenia's volatile border with Azerbaijan.
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