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Ukraine’s situation at the front is getting tougher, Zelenskyy says

11 hours 10 min ago
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said on Saturday (4 February) that the situation on the front lines in the east of the country was getting tougher and Russia was throwing more and more troops into battle.
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US fighter jet shoots down suspected Chinese spy balloon

11 hours 27 min ago
A US military fighter jet shot down a suspected Chinese spy balloon off the coast of South Carolina on 4 February, a week after it entered US airspace and triggered a dramatic spying saga that worsened Sino-US relations.
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Energy efficiency should be at the top of every politician’s New Year’s resolution list

Sat, 2023-02-04 07:00
With Russian gas supplies gone, the energy deficit facing Europe is likely to get worse. Yet, focusing on increasing energy supply while neglecting the need to reduce demand is an asymmetrical strategy, writes Rasmus Abildgaard Kristensen.
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Ukraine reconstruction: Progress in coordination and use of Russian assets

Sat, 2023-02-04 06:00
There is progress in the use of Russian assets to fund reconstruction efforts in Ukraine, and donor countries have established a structure to better coordinate financial assistance, Commissioner Valdis Dombrovskis said during the EU executive's visit to Kyiv.
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LEAK: Commission details subsidy-matching scheme for green industry

Fri, 2023-02-03 18:48
Just days after the Commission presented its new Green Deal Industrial Plan to counter foreign subsidies for clean industry, a leaked communication details the full extent of the temporary bending of state aid rules across the bloc, including a rule to prevent a German go-alone.
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Kazakhstan closes trade mission in Russia during PM Mishustin’s visit

Fri, 2023-02-03 16:35
The complex relations between Kazakhstan and Russia were vividly illustrated on the occasion of the visit of Russian prime minister Mikhail Mishustin to Almaty on Friday (3 February), where Kazakhstan announced the closing of its trade mission. 
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The Brief – A Brexit paradise lost 

Fri, 2023-02-03 15:20
After several years of painful negotiation with UK ministers, you might think that Michel Barnier – like so many of us – would be happy never to talk about Brexit again.  Yet three years after the UK formally left the bloc,...
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Agrifood Brief: The cows’ days are over

Fri, 2023-02-03 15:12
Two clues do not make proof, but two things that happened this week suggest that agriculture’s relevance in the EU policy sphere is currently at stake.
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France eager to discuss funding of EU’s new green industry plan

Fri, 2023-02-03 14:35
French politicians and industrialists widely welcomed the European Commission's newly announced 'Green Deal Industrial Plan' to challenge the US and China's clean subsidy push but are hoping for upcoming discussions to lay out specifics on funding.
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Member states ask for flexibility, regulators’ independence in new media law

Fri, 2023-02-03 14:06
The independence and flexibility of media regulators, data protection and non-compliance measures are the focus of several member states' comments on the European Media Freedom Act proposal.  
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Peace comes when violence stops, not when a paper is signed

Fri, 2023-02-03 12:59
Arguing that the time is not right for an association of Serb municipalities in Kosovo, as presented in an opinion piece published on 31 January, ignores the fact that if Kosovo is not ready to grant some autonomy now, when it might get something in return, it will be even less willing to do so for free in the future, writes Miloš Vojinović.
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Tech Brief: EUCS options, ‘fair share’ questionnaire

Fri, 2023-02-03 11:32
Welcome to EURACTIV’s Tech Brief, your weekly update on all things digital in the EU. You can subscribe to the newsletter here.    “We are willing to discuss possible solutions brought up in the discussions regarding the issue on INL [Independence to...
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Ireland ‘surprised’ to receive EU green light on alcohol health label

Fri, 2023-02-03 08:44
The Irish government is "grateful and somewhat surprised" that the European Commission did not reject their draft regulation for health warning labels on alcohol, despite renewed attempts by other member states to block the proposal. 
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ECB raises rates, signals at least one more hike

Fri, 2023-02-03 07:30
The European Central Bank raised interest rates by 0.5% on Thursday (2 February) and explicitly signalled at least one more hike of the same magnitude next month, reaffirming it would stay the course in the fight against high inflation.
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Poland expects 40 nations to oppose Russian athletes at Olympics

Fri, 2023-02-03 07:05
Polish Sports Minister Kamil Bortniczuk on Thursday (2 February) said he expected several dozen nations to come out against the inclusion of athletes from Russia and Belarus in the 2024 Paris Olympics.
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The European digital identity’s pilot project

Fri, 2023-02-03 07:00
While the regulation to establish a European digital identity continues its legislative process, the European Commission has recently launched a pilot project to see how this could work in practice. We discuss the project and its potential impact on the...
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Neutrality and support for Ukraine: Austria’s tightrope walk

Fri, 2023-02-03 06:48
In today’s edition of the Capitals, find out more about Germany waving goodbye to the pandemic era as it drops its mask mandate, Sweden and Finland going ‘hand in hand’ as the Nordics close ranks against Turkey, and so much more.
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EU lobbyists boss urges for more transparency on NGOs’ donors

Fri, 2023-02-03 06:37
The push for stricter transparency rules in EU lobbying is a step in the right direction following the “damaging” Qatargate scandal, but policymakers should also keep a close eye on NGOs’ funding by foundations or other associations, whose donors are...
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Greeks decide to block ‘criminal organisations’ from elections

Fri, 2023-02-03 06:29
The Greek parliament will discuss on Friday a key piece of legislation to ban criminal organisations from running in the upcoming national elections. The objective is to block a neo-Nazi party from running, but some legal loopholes may endanger the...
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ECB lays out balance sheet run-off, to further favour greener firms

Fri, 2023-02-03 06:15
The European Central Bank will favour bonds issued by greener companies as it starts running down its €5 trillion portfolio of bond holdings from March, it said on Thursday (2 February).
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