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Donohoe wins Eurogroup presidency

EURACTIV News - 27 min 48 sec ago
Spain's minister of Economy, Nadia Calviño, will be the next president of the Eurogroup, and the first woman to hold the position, EURACTIV has learned.
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Kyriakides: Investments will match EU’s ambition on sustainable food systems

EURACTIV News - 2 hours 36 min ago
The EU's determination to become a global leader in sustainability will be matched by investments in solutions to deliver on the commitments set out in the EU's new food policy, Commissioner Stella Kyriakides told in an exclusive interview.
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The Brief, powered by BSEF – A ‘forgotten’ conflict

EURACTIV News - 2 hours 58 min ago
Yemen, one of the poorest countries in the Arab world, whose collapsed health system is unable to cope with COVID-19, has been devastated by civil war, with no end in sight. But contrary to the wars in Syria and Libya,...
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Ukraine: Poroshenko cases unfold into a ‘tik-tok’ war

EURACTIV News - 3 hours 20 min ago
A Kyiv district court has decided not to order pre-trial restrictive measures against former President Petro Poroshenko, and the country's prosecutor general accused his defence team of attempting to stall the process by questioning "absolutely everything".
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Extremist violence spikes in Germany, new report reveals

EURACTIV News - 4 hours 8 min ago
The number of extremist crimes has increased significantly over the past year. The intensity of violent crimes is increasing in both the left and right-wing extremist spectrum. Foreign espionage activities and cyber attacks also pose an increasing threat. EURACTIV Germany reports. 
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EU action ineffective in safeguarding wild pollinators, say EU auditors 

EURACTIV News - 4 hours 12 min ago
EU measures have been largely ineffective in preventing the decline of wild pollinators, according to a new review from the European Court of Auditors (ECA).
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EU nationals shut out from UK welfare scheme, report warns

EURACTIV News - 4 hours 18 min ago
EU citizens in the UK risk being shut out of accessing the country’s welfare system as a result of a little-known test that requires them to prove that they are permanently in the UK, according to research published on Thursday (9 July).
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Global Europe Brief: German priorities, Turkish problems & unfreezing talks

EURACTIV News - 4 hours 43 min ago
Welcome to EURACTIV’s Global Europe Brief, your weekly update on the EU in the global perspective from our foreign affairs news team: Georgi Gotev and Alexandra Brzozowski.
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Taking action on the global threat of superbugs

EURACTIV News - 5 hours 30 min ago
COVID-19 has demonstrated in a quite dramatic way the huge impact of a global threat on public health and economy. While the COVID-19 crisis took us by surprise, our world faces a silent threat that is predictable and preventable, writes Hubertus Von Baumbach, the CEO of pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim.
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EU lawmakers pressure Borrell to be tougher with Turkey

EURACTIV News - 5 hours 35 min ago
In light of a crucial EU foreign affairs meeting next Monday (13 July), MEPs from all political groups in the European Parliament on Thursday (9 July) strongly condemned Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his regime’s activities in the Mediterranean....
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Arms control tit-for-tat continues as treaty deadlines loom

EURACTIV News - 5 hours 50 min ago
The world's only remaining nuclear arms control treaty is set to expire in less than a year unless Russia and the US agree to roll it over. While Washington has repeatedly called on China to take part in negotiations to extend it, the overall tone between the three nuclear powers is becoming rough.
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Digital Brief: Cancel Culture

EURACTIV News - 6 hours 31 min ago
Welcome to EURACTIV’s Digital Brief, your weekly update on all things digital in the EU. You can subscribe to the newsletter here.    “It is now all too common to hear calls for swift and severe retribution in response to perceived transgressions...
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Alstom offers factory sale in return for Bombardier merger approval

EURACTIV News - 7 hours 42 min ago
France’s TGV high-speed train maker Alstom on Thursday (9 July) offered to sell a French rail factory and make other concessions to win European Commission approval for its planned purchase of Bombardier Inc’s transportation business.
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Make The Right Choice! [Promoted content]

EURACTIV News - 8 hours 27 sec ago
As I write, finally, cautiously, but steadily, things are beginning to return to a version of normal across Europe. For many of us, it’s like we are waking from a dream, or, maybe more accurately, some kind of nightmare. Abraham...
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MEPs bless Mobility Package without fuss

EURACTIV News - 8 hours 12 min ago
Members of the European Parliament signed off on updated trucking rules on Thursday (9 July) without accepting any amendments to the reform package that Central and Eastern European countries had pushed for.
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Germany wants EU ‘hospital trains’ as new military project

EURACTIV News - 8 hours 19 min ago
The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the need to re-evaluate military threat perceptions across the EU, German defence minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said on Wednesday (8 July) while presenting the German EU Council Presidency priorities in security in defence for the next six months.
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‘Made locally and globally’: An alliance of common sense for consumers

EURACTIV News - 8 hours 23 min ago
Whether they offer the promise of produce 'made locally' or 'globally', all farmer have an important role to play and offer to consumers, writes Elena Valenciano.
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Air France’s promise to nix domestic flights: Not good enough for the environment

EURACTIV News - 8 hours 24 min ago
Air France's pledge to end some of its domestic flights in return for billions of euros in government aid is a weak contribution to climate action, as weak railway infrastructure stands in the way of a plane-to-train shift. EURACTIV France reports.
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Coronavirus, pension reform and more – what France’s new PM has said so far

EURACTIV News - 9 hours 38 min ago
France's new prime minister, Jean Castex, shed some new light on his government team, coronavirus, pensions and unemployment insurance reform in just his second interview since his appointment on 3 July. EURACTIV's partner, Ouest-France reports.
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Corona-related racism could persist longer than the virus, expert warns

EURACTIV News - 9 hours 48 min ago
When the coronavirus started spreading earlier this year, a second pandemic developed simultaneously: that of corona-racism. Right-wing extremism researcher Judith Rahner spoke with EURACTIV Germany about the connectivity of racist narratives to centuries-old prejudices and why this racism could run rampant longer than the virus itself.
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