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CAP eco-schemes: Not all that glitters is gold, warn NGOs

EURACTIV News - 40 min 36 sec ago
Fewer than a fifth of eco-schemes, designed to reward environmentally-minded farmers in the EU, are likely to deliver on their stated environmental objectives according to a new report by prominent European NGOs which analyses member states' green plans for the agricultural sector.
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Pécresse emerges as favourite to win French centre-right’s presidential ticket

EURACTIV News - 43 min 21 sec ago
Valérie Pécresse, a veteran politician who served as minister under former President Nicolas Sarkozy, will go into a runoff as favourite to be picked as the centre-right Les Républicains’ candidate in the French presidential election in April. Pécresse will face...
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Consumer groups could sue Facebook, EU advocate general says

EURACTIV News - 48 min 46 sec ago
Consumer protection associations can bring representative actions for infringement of EU privacy rules against data processors such as Facebook, before national courts, according to an Advocate General of the EU Court of Justice.
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BioNTech founder receives European women leaders award

EURACTIV News - 1 hour 5 min ago
Özlem Türeci, BioNTech's chief medical officer, was among the four winners in the sixth edition of the Women of Europe Awards held on Wednesday (1 December) by the European Movement International and the European Women's Lobby (EWL).
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Austria’s Kurz quits politics, stirring political turmoil

EURACTIV News - 1 hour 14 min ago
Former chancellor Sebastian Kurz announced his departure from the political stage on Thursday (2 December) by resigning from all his political posts. His resignation will lead to a cabinet reshuffle, and potentially, a new chancellor.
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EU’s upcoming gas reform to address storage, joint procurement

EURACTIV News - 1 hour 23 min ago
A planned revision of EU gas market legislation, expected on 14 December, will seek to improve access to gas storage facilities and include provisions enabling the joint purchasing of gas stocks, the European Commission has said.
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Life Terra takes root in the Czech Republic [Promoted content]

EURACTIV News - 4 hours 46 min ago
As part of Life Terra’s ambitious plans for European forests and citizens, the foundation collaborates for the first time with a landowner in the Czech Republic. Their joint reforestation is also a research project supported by the Czech University of...
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EU countries clash over reforms needed to tackle energy price spike

EURACTIV News - 4 hours 57 min ago
Energy ministers from European Union countries are meeting in Brussels on Thursday (2 December) to debate their response to high gas and electricity prices, with countries still divided over whether the recent price spike calls for an overhaul of the bloc’s energy market rules.
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Adviser says court should dismiss legal challenge to linking EU money with rule of law

EURACTIV News - 5 hours 9 min ago
The legal adviser of the top EU court said on Thursday (2 December) Budapest and Warsaw's legal challenges to the EU law that links disbursement of bloc funds to rule of law standards should be dismissed.
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Europe is sitting on a goldmine of unaccounted for renewable energy [Promoted content]

EURACTIV News - 5 hours 11 min ago
The energy price crisis is creating fierce political debates over the block’s energy security with renewed pushes for centralised energy supply solutions such as hydrogen or nuclear energy.
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Reporters without borders calls out EU over silence on Greek media law

EURACTIV News - 5 hours 45 min ago
Amid continuing silence from the European Commission, international media freedom organisation Reporters Without Borders has asked both the EU executive and the European Parliament to “firmly denounce” Greece’s new defamation law as “an attack on press freedom.”
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Saxonian minister-president tells miners to protest against 2030 coal exit

EURACTIV News - 6 hours 17 min ago
The German coal states are victims of political whiplash: the country’s planned coal exit date went from 2038 to “ideally” 2030 within months. But their economic transition away from the coal industry is far from complete, say some.
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MEPs push for broader scope on common charger proposal

EURACTIV News - 6 hours 58 min ago
The first hearing in the European Parliament on the proposal for standardising electric chargers brought about a cross-party consensus to also include wireless chargers, laptops, smartwatches and other electronic devices. However, the European Commission stood its ground on technical reasons.
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Regulators should walk the talk on non-animal methodologies

EURACTIV News - 7 hours 3 min ago
With different chemical-related proposals on the table, it is crucial to ensure that EU legislation is adapted to not include testing on animals, according to an industry expert.
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Germany’s incoming foreign minister vows tough China stance

EURACTIV News - 7 hours 58 min ago
Germany's incoming foreign minister, Annalena Baerbock from the Green party, on Wednesday (1 December) pledged "dialogue and toughness" in dealing with China, and did not rule out a boycott of Beijing's Winter Olympics.
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EU’s Simson calls for ‘gearshift’ in nuclear power investments

EURACTIV News - 9 hours 21 min ago
The EU's energy commissioner, Kadri Simson, called for a "gearshift on investments" in nuclear power in order to extend the lifetime of existing power plants and maintain current production levels until 2050. EURACTIV France reports.
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One Free Press Coalition – “10 Most Urgent” List of December 2021

EURACTIV News - 9 hours 29 min ago
To close out 2021, the monthly “10 Most Urgent” list from the One Free Press Coalition presents “the year in press freedom.” The 10 cases encompass concerning trends in threats to journalists—from impunity to imprisonment, surveillance to harassment. Zhang Zhan...
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US, Russian foreign ministers to meet as Ukraine tensions soar

EURACTIV News - 9 hours 31 min ago
The chief diplomats of the US and Russia are to meet in Sweden on Thursday (2 December) as tensions soar after Washington expressed concern about Russia's military buildup near Ukraine and warned of "high-impact" sanctions.
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€2 billion “Clean Hydrogen Partnership” another move away from hydrogen cars

EURACTIV News - 9 hours 32 min ago
Fuel-cell cars looked to be the future of carbon-free mobility, but as electric cars look set to dominate the market, the EU’s new hydrogen joint undertaking is another signal that a hydrogen transport future may not come to pass.
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Others punish, Slovakia incentivises elderly to get vaccinated

EURACTIV News - 9 hours 37 min ago
In today's edition of the Capitals, find out more about President Emmanuel Macron saying the rule of law will be one of the main challenges of the EU Council presidency in January, the last place with press access to the ruling party in Hungary being cordoned off, and so much more.
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