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France to keep a cautious watch on German cannabis bill

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2023-03-21 13:27
As Germany moves towards the legalisation of recreational cannabis in 2024, the French government intends to keep a close eye on developments in its European neighbour's legislative framework.
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EU transport industry dreams of the United States of Europe

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2023-03-21 13:20
In their response to the EU’s Net Zero Industry Act, it appears Europe’s transport businesses are dreaming of American-style capitalism, with its more lax regulatory system and emphasis on carrot over stick for companies.
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EU drafts plan to allow e-fuel combustion engine cars – document

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2023-03-21 13:13
The European Commission has drafted a plan allowing sales of new cars with internal combustion engines that run only on climate neutral e-fuels, in an attempt to resolve a spat with Germany over the EU's phasing out of combustion engine cars from 2035.
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LIVE NOW – CO2, H2 and O2 – Cornerstones of the energy transition?

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2023-03-21 11:30
Join this EURACTIV Hybrid Conference to discuss the potential of CO2, H2 and O2 in decarbonising the EU’s energy sector and whether a consensus can be found for "the best strategy". Questions to be discussed include: - Which pathways will the use of CO2, H2 and O2 develop and in which sectors should their use be prioritised? - How can we ensure that the use of hydrogen will not result in new dependencies? - To what extent can carbon storage contribute to reducing the EU’s carbon footprint? Can carbon storage in the North Sea be an appropriate solution? - Where will the carbon needed for manufacturing come from? Is direct air capture a realistic future solution? - Is it realistic to almost double the gross electricity production of the EU to power the new energy system? - What is the added value of the Fit for 55 and REPowerEU packages? What should be the next steps in terms of legislative developments and initiatives? - What are the required conditions for European industry to maintain its competitiveness in developing new sustainable energy solutions? Can Europe lead America in this field?
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West fears economic and social collapse in Tunisia

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2023-03-21 10:59
Tunisia, until not so long ago the poster child of the Arab spring, is now giving headaches to EU leaders, who fear that economic and social collapse will bring new flows of migrants to Europe.
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Credit Suisse: Life and death in liberal Switzerland

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2023-03-21 10:27
The history of Credit Suisse, a banking giant that collapsed last week and was bought by rival UBS, offers a glimpse into how economic and political power works in Switzerland but also signals that the future of this model may be in doubt.
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Israeli minister says ‘no such thing’ as Palestinian people

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2023-03-21 07:45
An Israeli minister with responsibility for administrating the occupied West Bank drew condemnation on Monday (20 March) after he said there was no Palestinian history or culture and no such thing as a Palestinian people.
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Italy’s language watchdog says ‘no’ to gender-neutral symbols

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2023-03-21 07:14
Italy's courts should stick to tradition and avoid the novelty of gender-neutral symbols in official documents, according to the institution that acts as the guardian of the Italian language.
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EU-led donors to provide €7 billion to help rebuild Turkey after earthquake

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2023-03-21 06:55
Donors at a European Union-led conference on Monday (20 March) pledged €7 billion ($7.5 billion) to help to rebuild Turkey after last month's devastating earthquakes, while Ankara estimated the costs at more than ten times that.
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Scientists deliver ‘final warning’ on climate crisis

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2023-03-21 06:36
IPCC report says only swift and drastic action can avert irrevocable damage to the planet, reports The Guardian, EURACTIV's media partner.
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Switzerland’s secretive Credit Suisse rescue rocks global finance

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2023-03-21 06:25
Days before a hastily convened press conference late on Sunday (19 March) that would make the world's front pages, Switzerland's political elite were secretly preparing a move that would jolt the globe.
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Polish PM opposes an EU federation, slams Brussels

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2023-03-21 06:22
In today's edition of the Capitals, find out more about a Czech delegation heading to Taiwan, Austria's agriculture minister saying he opposes the EU-Mercosur deal in its current form, and so much more.
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Russian disinformation in the Balkans: Predating the invasion?

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2023-03-21 06:22
Russia's successful infiltration of media in the Balkans predates a possible invasion, thanks to a network of Kremlin-aligned businesspeople, politicians, and influence agents who shape editorial policies and amplify disinformation campaigns, write Goran Georgiev and Ruslan Stefanov.
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EU proposes extending energy crisis measure to curb gas demand

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2023-03-21 06:15
The European Commission on Monday (20 March) proposed that EU countries extend for a year an emergency measure to curb gas demand for the next 12 months, to help prepare Europe to get through next winter with scarce Russian gas.
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CEO of Bulgarian insurance holding alleges ‘corrupted’ Romanian officials

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2023-03-21 06:10
The head of Eurohold, the largest Bulgarian holding in Bulgaria, named several Romanian officials whom he accused of fraud, corruption, money laundering and conspiring to stage a major economic and political crisis.
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Putin flaunts alliance with Xi as ‘dear friends’ meet in Kremlin

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2023-03-21 06:08
Vladimir Putin hosted his "dear friend" Xi Jinping at the Kremlin on 20 March, showing off his relationship with his most powerful ally just days after an international court called for the Russian president's arrest for war crimes in Ukraine.
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Bank crisis: ECB’s Lagarde wants complete application of Basel III

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2023-03-21 06:04
The EU banking sector “remained strong” amid market turmoil in the US, President of the European Central Bank (ECB) Christine Lagarde confirmed on Monday (20 March), adding that she wants to see the "complete application" of Basel III bank capital requirements.
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Albanians amongst unhappiest in Europe, report

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2023-03-21 06:03
Albania is one of the unhappiest countries in Europe, ranking 91 out of 146 countries surveyed with an average happiness evaluation of 5.2 out of 10, according to data published by the United Nations in the World Happiness Index. The...
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What does Moscow think about the Kosovo-Serbia issue?

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2023-03-21 06:03
Russia continues to support Serbia and not recognise Kosovo as the EU-led negotiations to normalise relations between Belgrade and Pristina are currently underway, though experts believe that Russia has not yet made significant statements. Russian officials and media workers interpret...
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US: Corruption, gender-based violence of concern in Albania, Kosovo

EURACTIV News - Tue, 2023-03-21 06:01
According to the latest United States Department of State report published Monday, corruption and gender-based violence remain critical issues for Albania and Kosovo. In Albania, deficiencies with the independence and integrity of the judiciary, a lack of independent media, and...
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