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France aims for ‘a true ecological sovereignty for Europe’ at informal EU talks

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2022-01-20 06:30
Paris, which currently holds the six-month EU Council presidency, has highlighted the objective of achieving greater EU sovereignty on energy and environment as EU ministers dealing with these issues embark on a three-day informal meeting in Amiens. EURACTIV France reports.
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Citizens clash with police over forced evictions in Tirana

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2022-01-20 06:14
Residents of the “5 Maji” neighbourhood in Tirana clashed with the police on Wednesday as the National Inspectorate began its demolition of their homes. The Municipality of Tirana plans to demolish some 400 homes in the Kombinat area of the...
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Montenegrin government could face no-confidence vote

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2022-01-20 06:11
The civic movement URA, led by Deputy Prime Minister Dritan Abazović, sent an initiative for a vote of no confidence for the current government to the parliamentary procedure, the party said. It added that it was a test of whether...
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Albanian party leader calls for recognition of Bulgarians in Constitution

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2022-01-20 06:11
Ali Ahmeti, leader of the biggest Albanian party DUI, called on North Macedonia to accept the demands put forward by Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, starting with including the Bulgarian nation to the Preamble of the Constitution. Ahmeti, whose power...
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EU representative calls for October elections to be held regardless of reform

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2022-01-20 06:09
The general elections in BiH will be held in the autumn even if no agreement is reached on amending the Election Law, said Johann Sattler, the head of the EU Delegation in Sarajevo. Sattler explained that BiH has an Election...
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Serbia is of no threat to anyone, says defence minister

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2022-01-20 06:07
The Army of Serbia is not a threat to anyone, nor is it intended for offensive use, Serbian Defence Minister Nebojša Stefanović said on Wednesday. Commenting on accusations in the region about Serbia arming itself at an accelerated pace, the...
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Catholic church in Croatia secures €160 million from EU Solidarity Fund

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2022-01-20 06:04
The Catholic Church is the biggest winner of money from the EU Solidarity Fund. Of 150 contracted projects worth 3.5 billion kuna (€466 million) through cultural heritage protection measures, 50 projects worth as much as 1.2 billion kuna (€160 million)...
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Romania abandons plan to introduce COVID passes for workers

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2022-01-20 06:02
The idea of introducing a mandatory pass for workers has been dropped after many contradictory discussions in the coalition. The plan to show the so-called green pass when going to work was doomed from the start and was viewed as...
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Bulgarian Prime Minister reported a ‘huge success’ in Skopje

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2022-01-20 06:00
Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov has described his first visit to North Macedonia which took place on 18 January,  as a “huge success”. The news from the meeting was that North Macedonia announced that it had no territorial claims to Bulgaria....
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[SR] Campaigner: Digitalisation opens ‘new era of transparency’ for climate policy

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2022-01-20 06:00
Digital technologies like earth monitoring satellites allow for real-time automatic collection of data on things like greenhouse gas emissions, opening up a new world of possibilities for policymakers, says Jill Duggan.
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European firms make slow progress in appointing more women to boards

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2022-01-20 05:59
The proportion of women in leading positions at major European companies rose last year, but fell behind schedule to reach the European Commission's proposed target of 40% for 2025, a study by an EU-sponsored non-profit organisation showed on Thursday (19 January).
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Over 1 million people died in 2019 from antimicrobial resistance: study

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2022-01-20 05:51
Antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections caused an estimated 1.2 million deaths in 2019 worldwide, according to new research published on Wednesday (19 January). Scientists call for more investment and better use of existing antibiotics.
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Simple defence agreement with US divides Slovakia

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2022-01-20 05:49
The defence cooperation agreement between Slovakia and the US has been major news in Slovakia for over a week now. If passed, the deal would grant the American army the right to use two military airports in exchange for access to funds aimed...
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Prague considers sending military material to Kiev

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2022-01-20 05:47
The new Czech government wants to help Ukraine amid the escalating situation at the borders with Russia, Defence Minister Jana Černochová (ODS, ECR) said in an interview with daily Hospodářské noviny. In the interview, Černochová confirmed the Czech Republic is willing to...
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EU Commission takes hard steps to make Poland pay Turów fines

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2022-01-20 05:45
The European Commission will deduct money from Poland’s allocation in the EU budget in response to the country’s refusal to comply with the EU Court of Justice’s ruling regarding the Turów mine, TVN24 TV station reported. EU officials “are now...
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Second investigation into Abramovich citizenship launched

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2022-01-20 05:40
Russian Public prosecutors have opened a formal investigation into granting Portuguese nationality to Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich under the Nationality Law for Sephardic Jews, the office of the attorney general said on Wednesday. This is the second investigation into the...
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Spanish MP slams government for newly agreed labour reform

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2022-01-20 05:37
Gabriel Rufián, MP and spokesman of the left Catalan independentist party (ERC), criticised the government for the labour reform agreed with trade unions and employers, during a press conference on Wednesday, reported. Rufián spoke against Vice-President and Labour Minister...
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Austria pushes for more restrictive EU border protection

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2022-01-20 05:32
Austria is calling for a more rigid European border control system to reduce the number of migrants arriving in the bloc amid the ongoing migrant crisis at the Belarus border. Together with Greece, Poland and Lithuania, Austria is initiating a...
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In the name of God, go…

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2022-01-20 05:31
Prime Minister Boris Johnson survived fresh humiliation on Wednesday as one of his MPs defected to the Labour party citing Johnson’s “disgraceful conduct” and former Brexit Secretary David Davis urged the PM to “in the name of God, go” during...
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Frontline healthcare workers to receive €1,000 bonus

EURACTIV News - Thu, 2022-01-20 05:31
Healthcare workers in Ireland who staffed the frontlines throughout the COVID-19 pandemic will receive a €1,000 tax-free bonus, the cabinet agreed on Tuesday. Ireland will also hold a public holiday on 18 March this year in memory of those who...
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