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German minister: Rescue package for Italy won’t be necessary

Fri, 2018-10-12 06:50
German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz said on Thursday (11 October) he did not expect Italy to need aid to deal with its debt pile. Any intervention by the European Central Bank would require Italy to formally apply for a rescue programme, sources said. 
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Norway’s latest CCS revival attempt meets lukewarm EU response

Fri, 2018-10-12 05:47
The European Commission has given only cautious backing to a project led by Norway that would see carbon dioxide emissions captured at source from industrial installations and shipped offshore to depleting oil and gas fields where they would be buried more than 1,000 metres underground.
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EU summit preview: Brexit deal closing in

Fri, 2018-10-12 05:41
Next week's EU summit has been billed as a last chance to negotiate an orderly Brexit, but is the cliff edge really that close? When is the true deadline?
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Barriers to high-skilled labour mobility

Fri, 2018-10-12 05:38
European manufacturers are supposed to do business freely within the European Union’s single market, but in reality, companies face considerable restraints when sending employees abroad.
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Irish Senate passes alcohol law, introducing minimum price and labelling

Fri, 2018-10-12 05:13
For the first time, Ireland has adopted legislation on the risks associated with alcohol, in a country where alcoholism has had devastating consequences. EURACTIV France’s media partner Ouest-France reports.
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Visa liberalisation for Kosovo: The only tangible result for the foreseeable future

Fri, 2018-10-12 05:00
Visa liberalisation for Kosovo could prove crucial in maintaining leverage for the region, while alllowing for more time to seek a sustainable solution with Serbia, writes Donika Emini and Zoran Nechev.
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Tweets of the Week: Bono, Timmermans, and Junker dancing

Fri, 2018-10-12 04:57
This week, Bono comes to Brussels to preach, Frans Timmermans thinks the Commission job’s in reach, and Jean Claude’s dance moves make the British Press screech.
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A message from Astana: EU, be alert, the fascists are coming

Fri, 2018-10-12 04:51
Marek Halter, a Jew and Holocaust survivor, used the Congress of the Leaders of World and Traditional Religions to warn Europeans that there is a high risk that fascists campaigning on the Islamophobia ticket win big in next year's European elections.
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Deal, no deal, or no Brexit?

Fri, 2018-10-12 04:49
Theresa May's attempts to negotiate a 'soft Brexit' are not backed by a parliamentary majority. Nor are the plans of the hard Brexiters. That could result in a new referendum, which could lead to the UK staying in, argues Hugo Dixon.
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Ambassador Zhang: ‘China will do more to strengthen IP protection’

Fri, 2018-10-12 04:47
Chinese Ambassador to the EU, Zhang Ming, stressed that China and the EU are “in the same boat” on multilateralism. In an interview with, he admits that his country has to do more in some sectors to open up to foreign companies and will do more to strengthen protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs).
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Science and public opinion: Where do politicians stand?

Fri, 2018-10-12 04:33
Policy makers, industry and civil society are trying to find a way to reconcile scientific evidence with public opinion’s beliefs when it comes to food safety. However, this has proved time and again to be a difficult challenge.
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When will Denmark stop overfishing and start enforcing the rules?

Fri, 2018-10-12 04:31
Denmark has become the worst perpetrator of Baltic overfishing over the last years, putting in serious danger entire species, such as the Baltic’s iconic cod, warns Rebecca Hubbard.
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Austria expresses concern at UN’s global compact for migration

Thu, 2018-10-11 15:18
190 states have agreed on a global compact for migration, which should be signed in December. However, some countries including Austria, have concerns. EURACTIV Germany reports.
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The Brief – Post mortem for Viktoria Marinova

Thu, 2018-10-11 14:56
Viktoria Marinova’s gruesome rape and murder in Bulgaria has featured high in the international news in recent days.
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EU emphasises ‘ecological limitations’ of new bioeconomy plan

Thu, 2018-10-11 14:24
The European Commission unveiled a new bioeconomy strategy on Thursday (11 October), saying it could reduce the EU's dependence on fossil fuels while underlining the ecological limitations of Europe’s farming and forestry sector.
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Digital success for Europe [Promoted content]

Thu, 2018-10-11 13:00
Digitalization holds huge potential for the citizens and the institutions of the EU. A modern and digital Europe will be built on reliable communication networks, secure data and digital trust.
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Will the EU electricity market protect Europeans from disconnection?

Thu, 2018-10-11 12:34
The EU has recognised access to energy as a human right. But whether it will enforce a  disconnection safeguard remains to be seen, writes Guillaume Derivaux.
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European forests cannot further curb global warming, French study warns

Thu, 2018-10-11 11:05
European countries should not heavily rely on their forests to curb climate change. However, they should instead ensure that forests are protected from climate change, underlined a study published in Nature on Wednesday (10 October). EURACTIV France reports.
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Polish power sector’s contributions to the implementation of the Paris agreement [Promoted content]

Thu, 2018-10-11 10:40
The Polish power sector is changing.
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Inter-religious dialogue

Thu, 2018-10-11 09:51
Located at a crossroads of different civilizations, Kazakhstan has placed great importance on promoting religious harmony and mutual respect. This year, the country is hosting the sixth edition of the Congress of the Leaders of World and Traditional Religions, an initiative which has its roots in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
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