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Delivering Better Results and Making Greater Use of Simplification in ESI Funds


09 Nov 2017 to 10 Nov 2017


Regione Campania, 8th floor
Avenue De Cortenbergh, 60
1000  Brussels


Global Europe

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Event Description

This 2-day seminar will be dedicated to looking at the key challenges of simplification, reduction of administrative burden and result-orientation of the Structural and Cohesion Funds Regulations for the 2014-2020 period (and therefore much of the regulations affecting EAFRD and EMFF).

We will consider the current SCO (Simplified Cost Options) of flat-rates, standard scales of unit costs and lumpsums, its advanced options such as art 14.1 of ESF as well as the possible use of Joint Action Plans, the methodologies to be applied, as well as the latest proposals of the OMNIBUS Regulation. Flat-rates, lump-sums and standard scales of unit costs will be examined in great details and applied through different exercises. 

The experiences of some front-runner Member states will be illustrated. It will include the audit approach to be followed and the prevention and correction of irregularities in SCOs. A range of other implementation issues will be discussed, including national rules and ‘gold-plating’, achieving synergies with other EU funding sources, such as with the Seal of Excellence and the compatibility with states aid regulations, and using new tools like global grants and vouchers to speed up absorption.There will be a keynote intervention from the European Commission and a discussion with a member of the EU transnational network on simplification.

How will it help you?
By the end of the seminar, participants should have a clear understanding of how to use Simplified Cost Options, how to improve implementation and absorption of the Structural Funds, and how to develop and support complex projects. This seminar will also provide a unique platform for exchanging views on the future of ESI funds.

Who will benefit most?
The seminar is aimed at all economic actors in the Structural Funds /Cohesion Fund policy-making and implementation process, including Managing, Certifying, Audit authorities, Intermediate Bodies, and national, regional and local officials or representatives. It is also designed for project sponsors and applicants, as well as other implementing bodies, including agencies with an economic development role (such as regional development agencies), educational and training establishments, and other local partners, including consultants and NGOs.