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Energy Efficiency First: Expanding Markets Through Obligations


25 Apr 2019 09:00 to 14:00


Elephant Paname
10 rue Volney
75002  Paris

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Corporates / Consulting



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Since the 1970s, energy efficiency has contributed more to our economic prosperity than any other single source of energy supply. This is the power of a million small, and often invisible, actions.

An event organised by eceee in partnership with GEO PLC and with support from RAP, the Regulatory Assistance Project

We need to make energy efficiency the first priority for Europe and it must happen now. With obligations under the Energy Efficiency Directive, there are plenty of new business opportunities for actors that are willing and ready to supply energy efficiency to a broad variety of customers.

This workshop is open for all and there is no charge.


8.30 AM registration, coffee and tea

9.00–10.45 AM First session

Moderator: Philippa Nuttall Jones, Editor in Chief, Foresight Climate & Energy

The 1st session offers short presentations on the principles of Energy Efficiency Obligations and insights from various schemes in the EU.

  • Intro and welcome. Agneta Persson, President eceee
  • Why this workshop? Hugues Sartre, Spokesman and institutional relation specialist, GEO PLC (France).
  • Introduction to Energy Efficiency Obligations. Jan Rosenow, Senior Associate and European Programme Director, RAP
  • White certificates in France. Hélène Peskine (PUCA/PEPS)
  • White certificates in Italy. Livio De Chicchis, Energy Management Analyst, FIRE, Italy.
  • The Irish Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme. Joe Durkan, Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme Programme Manager, Sustainable Energy Authority, Ireland.
  • Moving from obligations to a competitive tender scheme. Peter Bach, Chief Advisor, Danish Energy Agency.
  • The UK’s revised targets for Energy Company Obligations. Andrej Miller, Head of Energy Company Obligation and Warm Home Discount, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, (BEIS) UK.

The Speakers will cover issues such as

  • What are the characteristics of the system the speaker’s country has chosen (funding, sectors covered, types of carriers, etc)?
  • What type of activities are covered?
  • What are unique features and conditions?
  • What are the main challenges of the sustainable energy transition?
  • What are the key opportunities in the energy efficiency sector?

Coffee break 30 mins

11.15 AM–12.45 PM: 2nd session – three panel debates.

  • 1st panel topic: Is it possible to use EEOs to deliver deep and high-quality EE improvements? Joe Durkan (SEAI), Andrej Miller (BEIS), Yves Marignac (negaWatt), Hélène Peskine (PUCA/PEPS) and Romain Riollet (CLER).
  • 2nd panel topic: Can EEOs help a build a market for energy efficiency actors? What is the role of ESCOs?
    Peter Bach (DEA), Hugues Sartre (GEO PLC), Agneta Persson (eceee), Erwin Cornelis, Tractebel Engie and Kathleen Gaffney (International Energy Agency).
  • 3rd panel topic: Do we have enough systems to finance energy efficiency? Do we need additional funding outside the EEO systems? Livio de Chicchis (FIRE), Jan Rosenow (RAP), Alix Chambris, Viessman, Pierre-Antoine Machelon (Eifel Funds), and Damien Seiss (UFE - French Electricity Union).

Wrap up and conclusions  – Philippa Nuttall Jones and Jan Rosenow.

12.45 PM–14.15 PM: Lunch and networking

An event organised by eceee in partnership with GEO PLC and with support from RAP, the Regulatory Assistance Project.


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