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ERA: Brexit: Legal Consequences for the EU


28 Sep 2017 to 29 Sep 2017



Event Type

L - Conference, forum


Global Europe
UK in Europe

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Language: English

Organiser: ERA (Karolina Rokicka)

Event number: 417D94


With the Article 50 TEU notification of the UK’s intention to withdraw from membership of the EU on 28 March 2017, the process of Brexit began. This conference aims to provide participants with an overview of its legal consequences for the EU.

Key topics 

  • Legal framework of Brexit
  • Negotiations on Brexit
  • Legal issues for the negotiations such as:
    • free movement of persons 
    • mutual financial claims 
    • dispute-settling


Catherine Barnard
Professor of European Union Law, Trinity College, Cambridge

Nial Fennelly
former Member of the Supreme Court of Ireland, former Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the European Union, Dublin

Alexander Layton QC
Barrister, Arbitrator, 20 Essex Street, London

Adam Łazowski
Professor of European Law, University of Westminster, London

María-Luisa Sánchez-Barrueco
Senior Lecturer in EU Law, University of Deusto

Takis Tridimas
Professor of European Union Law, King’s College London; Barrister, Matrix Chambers



EBF - European Banking Federation
Trainee (Communications/Financial Education)
The European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities
Research and Development Officer (Maternity leave replacement)
Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies
Senior Research Fellow/Acting Director
LVMI - Europe
PA Europe NV
Public Affairs Intern