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ERA: EU Legislative Procedure in Practice


25 Oct 2018 to 26 Oct 2018





Event Description

  • Focus on the ordinary legislative procedure
  • Interactive exercise on the negotiation process


Brussels, 25-26 October 2018


10% discount available until 25 September 2018 Objective

This seminar will provide civil servants with practical training on the decision-making process in the EU.

Key topics

  • Legislative procedures in the EU in practical terms with special emphasis on the ordinary legislative procedure (OLP)
  • Legal basis of EU action in the jurisprudence of the CJEU
  • Impact assessment
  • Delegated and implementing acts
  • The principle of subsidiarity and the role of national parliaments
  • The negotiation process in practice: interactive exercise



Anje Bultena, Conciliations and Codecision Unit, Directorate-General for Internal Policies, European Parliament, Brussels

Adam Cygan, Professor, School of Law, University of Leicester, England

Lars Solskov Lind, Procedural Law Division, Danish Ministry of Justice, Copenhagen

Irina Tanasescu, Policy Officer, Institutional Affairs, Secretariat-General, European Commission, Brussels

Antonio Tanca, former Head of Legislation Unit, General Secretariat, Council of the European Union, Brussels

Athanassios Troupiotis, Legal Service, European Parliament, Brussels*

Oana Valceleanu, Co-ordinator for Inter-institutional Relations, Secretariat-General, European Commission, Brussels *

* to be confirmed

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Language: English

Organiser: ERA (Jaroslav Opravil in cooperation with Karolina Rokicka)

Event number: 418D97