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ERA: Intensive Legal English Course


24 Sep 2018 to 26 Sep 2018





Event Description

  • Brussels, 24-26 September 2018
    Focus on speaking and writing skills


This course is designed for speakers of English at an intermediate level or above who have a particular interest in the language of the law.


The principal objectives are:

  • to expand participants' knowledge of legal English terminology
  • to encourage participants to speak and write in a clear, effective style; and
  • to enable participants to learn more about the way English is used – and misused – in the institutions of the EU
    About the course
    The terminology of the law constitutes the central focus of this course, which explores a wide range of legal vocabulary, from contract and tort to company law and human rights. Participants are asked to work collaboratively on language tasks, enabling them to pool resources and making the learning process more rewarding and enjoyable.
    Participants will also be encouraged to explore the difference between the English which is used in the EU institutions and the language used by native speakers.

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    Stephen Dillon Weston (B.A, L.L.B., R.S.A Cert. TEFL) has a degree in languages from University College, London and a degree in law from City University, London. He is a qualified teacher of English as a foreign language and has wide teaching experience.



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