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ERA: Kongress zum 25jährigen Jubiläum der ERA - Die Autorität des Unionsrechts


19 Oct 2017 to 20 Oct 2017


Glauben wir noch daran?

Event Description

The authority of EU law — do we still believe in it? TRIER, THURSDAY, 19 OCTOBER 2017

13:00 Registration of participants

Plenary session
Languages: English, French and German (with simultaneous interpretation)

14:00 Opening ceremony — Introductory speeches — Musical entertainment

Chair: Josef Azizi

14:45 Inaugural lecture:

What is the “authority” of the law? Compliance and acceptance as preconditions or as constitutive elements?

Joseph H.H. Weiler


PART 1: Law-making and the role of courts

15:30 Panel discussion:

The impact of legislation on the authority of EU law

  • the lack of legitimacy and of transparency in the making of the law (role of lobbyists, comitology, etc)
  • the ineffectiveness of the subsidiarity principle
  • the poor quality of legislation
  • Karen Banks
  • Giorgio Maganza
  • Diana Wallis

Chair: Lord Tyre

17:00 Panel discussion:

The authority of EU law — a view from Constitutional and Supreme Courts

  • “ultra vires” risks and the role of the CJEU: Aranyosi, Mangold, Kücükdevici, Pereda and the annual leave practice in Denmark, non-application of Ajos by Højesteret, attacks on the CJEU in Brexit debate
  • interpreting the national identity clause (Art 4 II TEU)
  • ineffectiveness of the subsidiarity principle (Art 5 I 2 TEU & Prot 2)
  • Lars Hjortnæs
  • Christine Langenfeld
  • Jean-Marc Sauvé
  • Vassilios Skouris
  • Lord Thomas

18:30End of the first day

19:30Reception: Viehmarkt-Thermen


PART 2: Current challenges regarding compliance with and enforcement of EU law — the authority of EU law at risk

Parallel working sessions: Topic A, Topic B, Topic C

Topic A:
Remaining and new obstacles to the single market rules — does the economic crisis justify a weakening of the authority of EU law?

Language: English

Chair: Marc van der Woude

9:00 Keynote address:

Reliability and enforcement of EU law — a necessity for citizens, businesses and the law itself

Hans-Jürgen Hellwig

10:00 Break

10:30 Panel discussion:

Challenges to the Single Market

  • Member States՚ measures aimed at protecting national markets after the crisis
  • Examples of obstacles incurred by industry within the Single Market
  • The relevance of infringement procedures — the European Commission between guarding the Treaties and political discretion
  • Joaquim Nunes de Almeida
  • Luis Ortiz Blanco
  • Imola Streho
  • Christian Verschueren

12:30 Lunch

Topic B:
Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) as an illustration of “the incomplete Union” — the authority of EU law stuck half-way between supranational and national sovereignty

Languages: English and German (with simultaneous interpretation)

Chair: Peter-Christian Müller-Graff

9:00 Keynote address:

Completing vs. rethinking the EMU?

Federico Fabbrini

10:00 Break

10:30 Panel discussion:

The need to complete the EMU

  • The incomplete EMU: a dilemma of federalisation versus dissolution?
  • Handling the Euro crisis in and outside the EU framework
  • Questioning the legitimacy of the rules and the selectivity of their application
  • Gerolf Annemans
  • Pierre-Henri Conac
  • Joanne Kellermann
  • Jürgen Stark

12:30 Lunch

Topic C:
Current threats to the rule of law in the EU — the foundation on which the authority of EU law rests

Languages: English and French (with simultaneous interpretation)

Chair: Yves Kreins

9:00 Keynote address:

Article 7 TEU and the Rule of Law mechanism — a dissuasive weapon or a paper tiger?

Inger Österdahl

10:00 Break

10:30 Panel discussion:

The rule of law crisis in the EU and beyond

  • Threats to democratic values in member states and candidate countries
  • The core concept of an independent judiciary
  • Terrorist attacks and state of emergency
  • Bojan Bugarič
  • Emmanuel Crabit
  • Sophie in ՚t Veld
  • Pauliine Koskelo
  • Maria José Rangel de Mesquita

12:30 Lunch

Plenary Session
Languages: English, French and German (with simultaneous interpretation)

PART 3: The crisis of the European project undermining the authority of EU law — the EU in search of legitimacy

Chair: Wolfgang Heusel

14:00Keynote address:

Brexit — symptom of the EU’s legitimacy crisis or just a British problem?

Paul P. Craig

Panel discussion:

The crisis of the European project

  • Reflecting on the legitimacy deficit of an elite project
  • Which scenarios for the future of Europe (focus on the European Commission’s White Paper)?
  • The “ever closer Union” or “United in diversity” — what should be the finality for the EU?
  • Orsolya Görgényi
  • Danuta Hübner
  • Ulrike Lunacek

16:30 Break

17:00 Closing lecture:

The Court of Justice of the European Union as the guardian of the authority of EU law — a networking exercise?

Koen Lenaerts

17:30 End of Congress

19:00 Gala Dinner


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