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ERA: Update on Countering Trafficking of Human Beings


11 Apr 2019 to 12 Apr 2019



Event Description

Tools and challenges in collecting evidence, assisting victims and improving compensation



This seminar will provide participants an update on current legal challenges and tools in relation to countering trafficking on human beings (THB). It will focus in particular on challenges in collecting and securing evidence to be used in court, on how to improve assistance and protection of victims and ensure that their rights are respected.

Key topics

  • The current status of the EU Strategy 2012-2016
  • The new Communication of the European Commission identifying further actions to eradicate THB
  • Challenges in collecting and securing online evidence for evidentiary purposes in court
  • Implementation issues in the Victims’ Rights Package and the identification of victims of THB as “rights holders”, in particular in relation to vulnerable groups (women and children)
  • Best practices in assisting and protecting victims of THB

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Language: English

Organiser: Cecilia Holmsten & Ramin Farinpour, ERA

Event number: 319D60




Eva Küblbeck, Legal Expert, KOK – German Network  and Coordination Office Against Trafficking in Human Beings, Berlin

Helena Ljunggren, Senior Public Prosecutor, International Public Prosecutor’s Office, Malmö

Ulrich Nachtlberger, Judge, Regional Court for Criminal Matters, Vienna

Ryszard Piotrowicz, Professor of Law, Department of Law and Criminology, Aberystwyth University; Member of GRETA, Council of Europe

Evelyn Probst, Head of Intervention Centre for Trafficked Women and Girls, LEFO (Information, Education and Support for Migrant Women), Vienna

Alexandru Viziru, Police Investigator, Arges Brigade for Combating Organised Crime, Bucharest