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The Future of Europe and the Strategic Compass: Implications for the EU’s Security and Defence Policy


03 Dec 2020 11:00 to 12:00





Event Description

The EU is about to embark on two processes that seek to boost the Union’s ability to manage and solve some of the biggest challenges it is currently facing. These are the forthcoming Conference on the Future of Europe and the development of the new Strategic Compass. The Conference will tackle major societal challenges such as climate change and the economy and it will also involve civil society actors.

The Strategic Compass, on the other hand, will focus more narrowly on security and defence issues to highlight common threats and challenges and to facilitate the emergence of a shared European strategic culture.

However, the Conference will also tackle security related topics such as the EU’s technological sovereignty and security of supply. This event will discuss what both the Conference and the development of the Strategic Compass mean for the future of the EU’s security and defence policy.


Riho Terras
MEP, EPP Group

Sonja Momberg
Desk Officer, EU Directorate in the German Federal Ministry of Defence

Niklas Nováky

Research Officer, Martens Centre


Moderated by: 

Jamie Shea
Former Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges, NATO, Senior Fellow, Friends of Europe and Senior Research Associate, Martens Centre