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Managing the demographic change and Diversity – Intergenerational Management inside public administrations


28 Jan 2021




Innovation & Enterprise

Event Description

Demographic and social change, different values among the generations working together, internationalisation, professional diversity management and shaping the digital transformation place high and new demands on modern HRM-Systems.

Up to three or four generations currently work together in administration and business, each with their own different attitudes and values – especially when it comes to work-life balance and value-based leadership and collaboration. Employability (skills, health, employee engagement) must be promoted throughout every phase of life and at every age. The design of good working conditions and working relations will also determine every organisation’s performance. Moreover, attractive offers and modern holistic HRM approaches (well-being in the workplace) contribute to employer attractiveness and employee engagement.

One successful approach is a personnel policy that is geared toward life phases and can be the basis for generation management. Alongside providing options that can be flexibly designed to support employees’ personal development, it forms the basis for modern talent management inside public administration. The trend in human resources will be increasingly characterised by individualisation and strength-based support. Lifelong learning is the base. Generation management as a possible intervention in ‘Age and Generations’ in diversity management combines various topics, such as the promotion of equality and equal opportunities, gender, age or openness to other cultures.

We want to discuss with experts from science and public administration how this can be designed in a way that can be applied in practice.

Our speakers:

  • Prof. Lutz Bellmann, Professor of Economics (focus on labour economics) at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg; Head of the research area ‘Companies and Employment’ at the Institute for Employment Research (IAB)
  • Dr Beatrix Behrens, Bundesagentur für Arbeit (Federal Employment Agency)
  • Prof. Jürgen Deller, Leuphana University of Lüneburg
  • Dr Thomas Ollinger, Deutsche Bundesbank (Central bank of the Federal Republic of Germany), President of the Regional Office in Hessen, Demography Representative


This panel discussion will be held via Webex Meetings. Webex does not require an app to be downloaded and can be used directly via the web browser. The login information will be sent to the participants in time before the starting of the event. All presentations will be available after the event.


Dr Beatrix Behrens, Seconded Expert of EIPA, Head of Organisational Management at the University of the Federal Employment Agency.