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Online Course: Audit and Anti-Fraud Measures in ESI Funds and NextGeneration EU 2021-2027 Arachne


23 Nov 2021 to 26 Nov 2021




Science & Policymaking

Event Description

About this course

The goal of this highly practical course/workshop extending over two days is to present the following:

  • Changes in the 2021–2027 programming period (CPR and other regulations): simplified costs/financing not linked to costs, proportionate control arrangement, annual accounts and audits, conditionalities, performance, proportional anti – fraud measures etc.
  • Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) – what are the requirements of the European Commission in relation with the measures of the Member States to prevent, detect and correct conflict of interests, corruption, fraud, double financing and to ensure sound financial management of the RRF funds; how to establish effective and efficient internal control systems? Is it a good idea for Member States to rely on the control systems for the national budget funds? Who will audit RRF funds? How the audit will look like and what are the proportional anti –fraud measures under RRF?
  • What are the new fraud risks and corruption practices and how to prevent and combat them?
  • Organisation, mission,procedures and vision of the European Anti-Fraud office (OLAF) for the new programming period 2021–2027. What to expect from OLAF in relation with the ispections of the RRF?
  • Fraud in Structural and Cohesion Fund co-financed projects, with real-life examples presented by an OLAF expert.
  • Arachne: practical tool of fraud prevention and detection for MS. How to use effectively ARACHNE in the management verifications of the Managing Authorities? How to use ARACHNE in the sampling methodology of the Managing Authorities if we decide to perform checks on a sample base?
  • ESF/ERDF/CF audits: where are differences? How does it function in the programming period 2021–2027?
  • Main elements of the ESF/ERDF/CF audits and how to plan an efficient ESF/ERDF/CF audits.
  • What are the main conflict of interests and fraud risks in the processes of selection of project proposals and management verifications in the current programming period.
  • Main errors and irregularities in projects co-funded by the ESF/ERDF/CF and significant risks related to RRF projects.
  • ESF/ERDF audit findings in different Member States, including real case studies.

After the presentations, you will work in small groups with experts on practical case studies.

Course methodology/highlights and level:

The course has a very practical and interactive character. All presentations given by audit and fraud prevention experts from the European Commission and the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) include concrete examples and real-life case studies.


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