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Time to ACT now for a Sustainable European Hydrogen Economy tomorrow


26 May 2021 14:00 to 16:00




Sustainable Dev.

Event Description

The Hydrogen Act sets out a roadmap and proposed umbrella framework to turn the ambition of the EU hydrogen strategy into a reality. The Hydrogen Act elaborates on three necessary phases to achieve the objective of a European hydrogen economy: 1.) the kick-start phase, 2.) the ramp-up phase and 3.) the market development phase. Within the context of the “fit for 55 package” and the upcoming “hydrogen and decarbonisation of gas package”, the aim of this event will be to focus and exchange on key elements related to clean hydrogen market uptake and the related infrastructure needs. This event aims to bring together stakeholders from across the hydrogen value chain, key stakeholders from the EU institutions and civil society, with a view to fostering meaningful discussion on the future of the EU energy system and the role of clean hydrogen therein.

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