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Total Telecom Regulatory Summit


29 May 2012 22:00



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L - Conference, forum

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Federations / Associations



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Georg Serentschy, 2012 BEREC Chair and Anthony Whelan, Head of Vice-President Kroes Cabinet, will open the Summit. Other speakers will also include key European regulators, Senior EU officials, MEP, ETNO members and observers’ heads of regulatory affairs, investors and academics.
On the occasion of this Summit, several recent studies and academic works will be presented, including:
· Policy orientations to reach the DAE targets by Matt Yardley, Partner at Analysys Mason of a recent study on the Digital Agenda, including
· a presentation by Gregor Langus, Senior Consultant, Charles River Associates, on Costing Methodologies and Incentives to Invest in Fibre
· presentation of the findings of a recent study on “The Long-Run Effects of Copper Unbundling and the Implications for Fiber” by Professor Robert Crandall, Brookings Institution
· special session on how to measure regulatory impact with the participation of Patrick Zenhäusern, Head of Telecoms and Media Practice, Polynomics and Prof. Jonathan Bauer, Michigan State University 


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