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Webinar “Unveiling the Public Sector Tech Watch Observatory: Navigating the European Landscape of AI and Emerging Technologies in the Public Sector”


07 Feb 2024 09:30




Innovation & Enterprise

Event Description

Join us for the Webinar "Unveiling the Public Sector Tech Watch Observatory: Navigating the European Landscape of AI and Emerging Technologies in the public sector," featuring the GovTech Connect community!


The event focuses on the integration of advanced technologies in government services and the role of the Public Sector Tech Watch (PSTW) observatory in this evolution. It is an opportunity for professionals, policymakers, and technology experts to gain insights into the current state and future of public sector technology in Europe. 


Public Sector Tech Watch (PSTW) is an observatory dedicated to monitoring, analysing and disseminating the use of emerging technologies (e.g., Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, etc.) within the public sector in Europe.


It aims to become the “one stop” for all stakeholders – public sector officials, policy makers, private companies, academia – interested on the latest technological developments to improve public sector operations and service delivery. PSTW is managed by the Directorate-General for Informatics (DIGIT) and the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission.


GovTech Connect - Fostering digitisation of public sector and green transition in Europe through the use of an innovative European GovTech platform is a project created under DG CONNECT of the European Commission and carried out by a consortium formed by Intellera, The Lisbon Council, Politecnico di Milano and PUBLIC.




9:30 - 9:55. 

Introduction: Mission and content of Public Sector Tech Watch and GovTech Connect.


9:55 - 10:35. 

Report highlights: In-depth examination of the PSTW report titled "Public Sector Tech Watch: Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain in the European Public Sector" exploring current trends and the impact of technology on public services. 


10:35 - 11:00. 

Observatory data for research: Overview on the usability and relevance of the PSTW observatory data in research, with insights into the 'Fresh Minds' initiatives and how data is influencing public sector innovation.


11:00-11:10. Break


11:10 - 12:20. 

Success stories panel: An instructive conversation with public sector representatives and startup leaders about public-private partnerships, technology adoption in the EU public sector, and the roles of the Public Sector Tech Watch and GovTech Connect in fostering innovation.


12:20 - 12:30. 

Launch of "Best Cases Award", including information on how to participate, and conclusion of the event.