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Future Prospects of EU-UK Co-operation Regarding New Stories of Power


14 Jun 2023 17:30 to 19:30


Avenue de Cortenbergh 71
1000  Brussels


UK in Europe

Event Description



Welcome by Dr. Nele Fabian

European Affairs Manager, European Dialogue of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation



Panel Discussion


Dominic Porter

Head of China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan & Mongolia Division, European External Action Service



Clare Orvis

China Regional Officer, US Mission to the EU


Sophie Guelff

UK Deputy Director of Strategy & Integrated Review Implementation, National Security Secretariat


Isabel Hilton

Founder, China Dialogue


Moderator: Sandra Khadhouri

Director, Keeping Channels Open





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As the world goes through radical shifts, we will explore UK, EU, US and partners' perspectives on how to strengthen our economic, democratic and security resilience in the context of complex engagement with China, the harmful effects of Russia’s war and future trends. We explore roadmaps to navigate the challenges ahead and position ourselves in a changing world.

A variety of open and highly significant questions will be discussed, including: How do we deescalate tensions and leverage more productive relations with China that protect our interests? Is intensified systemic competition and even confrontation inevitable? How do we strengthen economic security & deterrence and still keep the door open to cooperation? How concerning is Sino-Russia collaboration? Are UK, EU, US and regional partners aligned in their interests and strategies on this? What scope is there for better coordination? How can Europe (including the UK) & the US improve their influence and partnerships in the Indo-Pacific and Global South? How do we avoid a bifurcation of the West and the Rest? How helpful is the democracy/autocracy paradigm? How do we strengthen the effectiveness of multilateralism and rebalance institutions to reflect today's realities?

After discussion, we will open up the panel to points and questions from the floor so look forward to a dynamic interactive session. Chatham House rules will apply!



World Shipping Council
Policy Analyst
FEPS (Foundation for European Progressive Studies)
Project Officer
European Endowment for Democracy
Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning analyst
The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.
Senior Public Affairs Manager (EMEA)
Knauf Insulation
EU Public Affairs Manager