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Euroheat & Power

Company Description

Euroheat & Power is the international network for district energy, promoting sustainable heating and cooling in Europe and beyond.


We are a non-for-profit association headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, which unites the district energy sector. Our members come from over thirty countries around the globe and include national district heating and cooling associations, utilities operating district energy systems, industrial associations and companies, manufacturers, universities, research institutes and consultancies active in the sector.


Here you can find out more about our visionhow and why to join our organisationwho our members are, and you can meet the great team that connects the network pieces.

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The ongoing conflict and energy crisis are a reminder of the pressing need to decarbonise our energy systems and ensure energy independence through the integration of renewable energy sources.


IUCN European Regional Office
Finance officer
European Heat Pump Association
EU Projects Officer
Trainee for Finance
Fair Trade Advocacy Office
Finance and Administration Manager
Positive Money Europe
Head of Policy
European DIGITAL SME Alliance
EU Project Acquisition Specialist