1st European Insights Summit


24 Jan 2017


Avenue Cortenbergh 71
1000  Brussels


EU Priorities 2020

Event Location


Event Description

Join us to celebrate the social value of research! This event showcases the crucial role the insights community plays every day to inform policy debates, provide evidence for crucial service upgrades, and help business leaders drive economic growth.

The event will feature presentations of recent research studies conducted revealing new trends for the digital economy in Europe, but also highlighting insights for sectors facing disruption like finance, mobility, and the start-up culture.

The Insights Summit will also focus on the socio-political challenges of Europe, highlighting new findings concerning the impact of the migration crisis, Euroscepticism, and the rise of populist movements, as well as demonstrating how research is being applied to improve policy-making at all governance levels.

The full programme is available at http://researchchoices.org/eis 

Exciting results from recent research projects and how they are helping businesses, non-profits, and governments shape a better world:

Through the results of actual research projects, discover how research is helping to create new insights into major societal and business challenges, supporting decision-makers to enrich the lives of ordinary citizens and deliver economic growth.

Panel debate on Research and Data Protection with leading experts:

The Summit will also explore the role of data as a critical ingredient for conducting good research. How will the new General Data Protection Regulation impact researchers' ability to collect and use personal data for research projects? Are other initiatives of the Digital Single Market likely to impact on our ability to derive insights?

For Who:

For European professionals (public, private, and non-profit) with responsibilities for monitoring digital economy, and digital transformation policy topics; data protection and privacy, research and innovation, as well as those working on European social and equalities policy agenda topics; European democracy, good governance, public services delivery, and citizen and consumer engagement.

Network with experts in research, digital economy, data protection, and general EU affairs:   

Network with a cross-disciplinary audience (policy makers, civil servants, business and non-profit association representatives, and practitioners) working in the policy fields of research, digital economy, data privacy and protection, the single market, social policy, democratic participation, amongst other subjects of political importance.