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On the Agenda – Cryptocurrencies in the Digital Economy


25 Mar 2021 14:00 to 15:00




Innovation & Enterprise

Event Description

Money changes over time to address the needs and economic possibilities of its era. Todaywe are entering a new economic paradigm where the transacting parties are not just people with people, but also people with machines and machines with machines. Smart contracts and algorithmic arrangements compel us to think of a type of money that can be programmed in advance through the use of code. Cryptographic money is the suitable option for this new era in payments, and many different options like private cryptocurrencies, CBDCs and privately designed stablecoins compete to provide value and set standards.  

The EU tries to address this challenge with the MiCA Regulation, currently in the European Parliament. Is this the dawn of the breaking of the monopoly of the Central Banks to issue flat tenders? What are the implications to the Monetary Policy and the financial markets? Most importantly, what are the implications for the European citizens and businesses? Does crypto provide a remedy for the chronic fragmentation of the European payments system? What are the technological, political, financial and systemic challenges? Is it the era of programmable money in the EU upon us 

Speakers include:
Ondřej Kovařík, MEP, Renew Europe Group
Elizabeth Noble, Head on Digital Transformation in Financial Markets, European Banking Authority

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